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Cliffs at Dolomite Point, South Island

Waves that have travelled 1000’s of km’s unobstructed continually pound against the limestone cliffs at Dolomite Point. Caves, blowholes and tunnels permeate this area, causing spectacular surges and unexpected booming sounds and sprays of seawater to erupt along the cliff tops. 24 more words

Limestone formations at Pancake rocks, South Island

The West coast has an abundance of different topographical features. Dolomite Point is a small, well defined area of exposed coastal limestone formations. Over the years, they have been carved out by the sea, wind and rain to form fantasic shapes. 27 more words

Dolomite Point, West Coast, South Island

Dolomite Point is the official name for the area known better as “Pancake Rocks”. Limestone deposits have been gradually eroded by tide and weather to form what look like stacks of pancakes on the cliff tops, and the cliffs are dotted with sink holes, caverns and form fantastic shapes , rising sheer out of the ocean. 85 more words

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in a rock formation within the Joshua Tree National Park.



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