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Icelandic Troll

They say if you look at the landscape long enough in Iceland you will see a troll. Can you see one in my picture? He has a curly horn, big forehead, moustache, beard and his huge arm is resting on a boulder towards the front of the picture. 9 more words


Burgos Wind Farm and Kapurpurawan Rock Formation: A Seamless Synergy of Nature and Technology

The Industrial and Technological Revolutions that started in the early 1800s paved the way for our modern way of living. Machines, electricity, motorized vehicles, and automated production processes replaced laborious and inefficient human-powered methods. 1,653 more words


The Unexpected Wonder of Hell's Gate National Park

Yes! There are still many things which are not well-documented in internet! Now-a-days it seems more exciting to visit not-so-amazing unknown places than the absolutely mind-blowing known one. 890 more words

Fischer's Tower

Wandering for a Day in Kalibo, Aklan

Kalibo is a town in Aklan. The town is known for the Ati-Atihan Festival and Boracay. But Boracay Island is very far from Kalibo.

How to go there? 592 more words


You Won't Believe This Place Is Real!

Off the side of the US-89 between Springdale and Page I noticed a tiny little sign that said The Toadstools of Grand Staircase National Park.  I was immediately intrigued, pulled a U-turn and pulled into the tiny and almost unnoticeable parking lot. 243 more words

Cathedral Valley

After our rewarding stopover in Delta, Ulrich and I angled southeast, to Capitol Reef National Park and Cathedral Valley.

We made an early start from… 179 more words