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Domo Garden

Is their anything more beautiful than a tree in its autumn color change and flowers still flush with their summer color? Add them together and throw in some stunning red rock formations and you have a recipe for some pretty amazing scenery. 65 more words


Rock formations, natural or supernatural?

There are dozens of unique rock formations all over the world. Some you would truly marvel over, as their intricate shapes will leave you thinking, how is this even possible? 132 more words

BIRI wonderful Rock Formations

Biri is an island municipality located in Northern Samar.  It is bounded by San Bernardino Strait to the west and the grandiose Pacific Ocean to the east. 507 more words

Would you leap for your lover at the site of this Southern Virginia Colonial Legend?

Growing up, my family would frequently take my sister and I on day drives throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. One of our favorite spots to stop and get out of the car for a stretch was at Lover’s Leap. 316 more words

Unmatched Beauty-Harrison's Cave

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean apart of the Caribbean continent, Barbados covers 430 square kilometers of land, making it the 206th largest in terms of land area. 907 more words