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Azure Window

I remember the residential field trip with university to Malta in 2015. My study was Tourism so we travelled around the island visiting various and diverse towns and cities. 138 more words


Monument in the Sky

This is Monument Rock for which the town of Monument, Colorado derives its name. There are many trails in and around the rock formation, but the main hiking trail is known as Monument Loop and is a fairly easy 2.5 mile stroll. 122 more words


Tahquitz Butte in California...

a majestic rock formation amongst many in that region, near Idyllwild, California. The rock, the lighting and the ominous sky combined just right for my taste.


Rock, paper and Slippers

My friends and I were all sleeping soundly in our van coming from a long drive. We were still in our pajamas and slippers since we are all “travel virgins” and got a little delayed with our itinerary. 144 more words


Rock Formation

      Tinipak with its beautiful rock formation characterized by large marble rocks that are great for bouldering have been splendid naturally sculptured to look like they have been chiseled or blasted by a machine. 62 more words

Nagpatong Rock Formation: The Two Towers

Nagpatong Rock is now becoming popular to those mountain seekers both professionals and hiker-wanabes (like me). It is composed of two peaks facing each other which reminds me of the 2nd installment of the epic movie Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers. 846 more words

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