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Last month I went on a whirlwind three-country tour of Ethiopia, Tanzania, and South Africa. Carrie Bradshaw once told Big, “We’re so over, we need a new word for over.” On this vacation I repeatedly told myself, “This is so amazing, I need a new word for amazing.” 2,211 more words


A portrait of Ethiopia

They walk barefoot in the rain-soaked soil, often on the edge of the road, where concrete ends and the flatness gives way to the dips and rises of a green valley in Ethiopia’s Amhara region. 2,365 more words

Addis Ababa

Lalibela, Ethiopia & it’s rock-hewn churches

Recently, I came across an internet comment that Africa is a continent filled with backward people, with no culture and no real history. Unfortunately, such ignorant sentiments are common both in media and among the general population who tend to view an entire continent through the same warped lens. 213 more words

Zest & Gusto Website

“Baby, you know I ain’t no Queen of Sheba” (Thing called Love; Bonnie Raitt). I didn’t go to Ethiopia to discover Sheba but rather to photograph ancient religious ceremonies, unique Gelada baboons and native indigenous tribes. 714 more words