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Favorite Goofy Anime Character

As part of the 30 days anime challenge, today I’ll be answering day 21 who I think is a favourite goofy anime character. The list is long and can expand with multiple explanations, but I’ll try to keep it short. 447 more words


Anime Corner: Gaara vs Rock Lee

Want to watch the fight between Gaara and Rock Lee during the Chunin Exam? If yes, the please check this out. 19 more words

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My fav anime characters Naruto edition part 2!

Rock Lee

Oh my goodness. The first time I saw Lee my first thought I immediately was like what’s with the eyebrows? But then I saw his suit and had no words. 571 more words


a quick encouraging lee cuz i love him

Naruto Storm 4: Chunin Exams Gaara vs Rock Lee

Chunin exams are here! The tai-jutsu green beast of the leaf fights against gaara of the sand! Rock Lee is more focused on speed. Gaara is focused on defense. 6 more words