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Duos in Charge of Laughs in Naruto Online

After I finished watching my favorite anime, Naruto, I really felt like finding a game such as this, after all, this game brings you your favorite characters and scenes. 384 more words

Naruto Game Infor

Denki and Iwabe! Passing Exams - Boruto 16

Boruto 16 see’s an episode dedicated to both Denki and Iwabe as they both try to pass the test. Denki wants to be able to pass the physical where he has to climb the wall, while Iwabe has to pass the paper based question and answer test. 193 more words


Team Guy

I’m catching up on Naruto and I found Team Guy to be incredibly likable.  Let’s be honest, Lee carries this team.  But the other two aren’t so bad.


Where the Leaves Dance.

Cos Song of the Akatsuki will be happening in Singapore these 2 days, (super excited!!) and since I’m in the midst of a Naruto re-watch right now, I thought I’d share some quotes from Naruto for this weekend’s ‘Midnight Inspiration-s’ 229 more words


Eight Gates Open!

SHF Rock Lee

If you are wondering, this is not a composite photo. The background is real. I just increased the clarity and contrast using the Radial “something” in Light Room so the center is not affected much.


The Most Powerful Taijutsu Ninjas.

In the world of ninjas, it’s almost as if ninjutsu has been given more meaning, but in actual battles, taijutsu can carry great impact. Today, we introduce some of the most powerful taijutsu ninjas. 257 more words


Gaara's Wedding Gift! Temari's Date - Naruto Shippuden 497

Naruto Shippuden 497 focuses on Gaara and other Kage’s arriving at the village to talk about some important things, also at this point, Naruto and Hinata’s wedding also gets mentioned a few times as Rock Lee, Tenten, Kankuro, Iruka all get involved in pushing Gaara to seriously thinking about the extravagant gift he shall give to Naruto and Hinata. 590 more words