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Naruto Powerful Shippuden Stats and Records

Play Time 6h 59m

Naruto Level 75
Rock Lee Level 100

Naruto 7
Rock Lee 7

Game Records

Naruto Powerful Shippuden Review

It’s time to finally review one of the newest Naruto games. As you may recall from my Rock Lee review, I was not a fan of the manga series and I actually gave it a 0 for effort. 1,223 more words


Tenten's Infinite Tsukuyomi - Naruto Shippuden 427 and 428

Naruto Shippuden 427 and 428 see’s a two-part special episodes covering Tenten’s inner world as she’s been captured into the Infinite Tsukuyomi where we meet a number of her friends with many different looks and personalities. 656 more words


Guy's Eight Inner Gate! Madara vs Guy - Naruto Shippuden 419

Naruto Shippuden see’s the story behind Guy’s Youth as he faces many challenges to grow into who he is today. Guy learns of the Inner Gates Forbidden techniques which allowed him to now pass it on to Rock Lee and open Guy’s Eight Inner Gate of Death against Madara Uchiha, while releasing red vapors. 578 more words


Why Rock Lee is my Favorite Naruto Character

This blog is dedicated to Rock Lee, because he is awesome.

So, most people are familiar with the Naruto anime series. I have watched a few seasons and played a few of the games, and after all that, I have to declare that Rock Lee is by far the best character. 431 more words