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I'm too obsessed with Nirvana.

Hello, people that I haven’t written to in 8 days (I’m really Nine Inch Nailing this posting on time thing)! I just realized something. I am way too obsessed with Nirvana. 457 more words


Day 215

365-day music challenge: Day 215/365 –¬†A song you like by a band that has at least 2 members that are related.

Now, this band is made up of four sisters that all rock equally hard. 195 more words


Best reads for bogans

With new documentary television series Bogans now gracing our screens, are we about to see a Bogan Renaissance? Are we on the cusp of a rediscovered cultural trend? 99 more words


I can see for miles

A recent highlight in my life was a rare switching on of the telly to watch The Who perform at Glastonbury. While I’ve really liked the band from its earliest days, I’m sorry to say I have never seen them live, and so watching the latest incarnation at Glasto was probably going to be the best chance for me to redress that. 655 more words


1038 Argyle Street, Finnieston

Care for some rock music but want to avoid the city centre? Rockus is the answer.

I’ve only ever used the bar and can say the cocktails are quite boozy, but it is my understanding that their pub food is worth trying as well. 62 more words

Argyle Street