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Fast Forward

I was wrong about Fantastic Four. That’s easy to say before you’ve seen it, but the filmmakers, like me, actually thought about what the franchise means before there was a movie to see. 389 more words


Here is another fun fact about Jim Perry

He’s a fan of Heavy Metal Music…..allegedly.

“Metallica rules!”

Sale Of The Century

Rock On - a tentative title (It'll change) - opening chapter - What do you think?

Chapter 1 – Tutwiler Mississippi 1903

It was desultory at the railway station at Tutwiler. The Mississippi August sun was unrelenting and the air thick with moisture. 805 more words


Crank that music up, and drive your holier-than-thousands neighbors crazy

Because nothing beats Twisted Sister when it’s heard in Hi-Fi stereo sound!

It’s a stereo system with the latest in speakers, cassette player and a kick ass vinyl turntable. 25 more words

Sale Of The Century

Quirkiness - Wacky Wednesday/Creating Cairns on Block Island

I recently composed a mantelscape using “beachy” items in honor of summer and the many seashore areas we have visited. I created a cairn (stacked rocks) with a few pebbles I brought home from Block Island, Rhode Island. 257 more words


“Ilayaraja sir is the toughest to work with, because he is very specific with his wants, down to the smallest nuances and it was exciting to work with a genius like him.” - Caralisa Monteiro

A playback singer, recording artist, a music composer and a cancer awareness campaigner. Fondly called as “The Queen of Advertising”, she has put her soul in over 5000 memorable ad jingles and some of the most hummed Bollywood chartbusters. 1,099 more words


Music for All Creatures!

  This piece is a spray paint stencil, and it is one of my personal favorites. The picture is of an otter rocking out with headphones. The inspiration for the piece is that an art teacher of mine had said, “draw what makes you happy, or laugh.” So one day while surfing the internet looking at photos I find an otter, and it was in a position that reminded of rocking out to music. 46 more words