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INSIDE: Irony and the Review Process

So I bought myself INSIDE for Christmas – it’s something I’ve been wanting to play for a while. Now I’ve played it, uh, and if you’ve played it too, you’ll appreciate my slightly stunned silence. 1,143 more words

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Daily Gamer: Magical Sound Car

Another pleasant surprise I found in the RPS Freeloaders column. At first, I thought I’ll just play it for a couple of minutes to enjoy its… 117 more words

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May Apathy

Things were going well for the first days of the merry month of May until that one evening, when I was simply too tired to even write a few lines and failed the… 169 more words

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Git Gud you skrub casual video game journalists

Let me educate the gaming media on what “git gud” means. It means practicing and getting better so that you can shut people up who question your abilities in a video game instead of thinking you can just pick up a control and just start playing. 645 more words


Did We Reach Peak "Git Gud"?

I was taught to avoid cliches and oft-used phrases like this but I’m afraid I couldn’t resist this time. The point is, we seem to be at a boiling point when it comes to telling people to “git gud” at video games.  1,024 more words