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Very Very Gaming Show - Episode 7

New format. Short show (20 mins). Short description of show (51 words). Is Molyneux a pathological liar? I am a pathological liar. Paradox? We discuss  83 more words


Opinion - Why Shouting Doesn't Count as Journalism

Cause professionalism means shouting.

Rock Paper Shotgun’s John Walker recently sat down with noted developer Peter Molyneux to discuss Molyneux’s Kickstarter-funded project, Godus and some of the questions surrounding the delayed implementation of that game.  791 more words

Molyneux, Kickstarter & why fixed funding is good

Gosh, John Walker’s interview with Peter Molyneux makes for hard reading. It’s resulted in the usual outraged reaction from those gamers who get terrified of reading anything which isn’t a simple graphics/gameplay/replayability review with a percentage score. 706 more words


Review: Rock Paper Shotgun vs. Peter Molyneux

Hello there.

You’ve likely come to this post after reading the Rock Paper Shotgun interview with Peter Molyneux. If so, take deep breaths. It’s going to be OK. 783 more words

Real Journalism

Listening to the puzzle

I am anthropomorphizing puzzles a little bit, which I think is useful. A good puzzle leads the designer to help design the puzzle and often in the process of this happening the designer says, “Oh yes, I can reflect some of these same things that I followed and have the puzzle also communicate to the player.” That’s sort of a separate choice about how cryptic you want the end result to be.

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Quote Of The Day

Ethics in Gaming Journalism and Sir, You Are Being Hunted

How blurred are the lines between gaming journalists, game sites and game developers allowed to get before ethical concerns are raised? Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a situation that tested those associations to very little comment, but it is something I believe demands close consideration. 1,216 more words

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