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Ice Carving

Tonight was the Governor’s Ball at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa.  The Chef de l’Hotel asked a guest to model as a Swan to be created in an ice carving for the head table.  16 more words

High Wire

Cosmos had been a high wire and trapeze artist since childhood.  Now retired from such great companies as Cirque du Soleil he still did his workout routines daily.  52 more words

Monthly Journal - June, 2016

June was hot and dry.  Everybody’s looking for shade and water.  As a follow up to our last post, Bruce Hallett sent us three great photos of one of the juvenile Cooper’s Hawks enjoying his birdbath, which are below.  142 more words


Elvis Chapel

Lance had booked the Elvis Chapel at the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa as well as picked out the set of rings (leg bands).  Debbie had always wanted to be a June bride.  12 more words


I still call them Rock Pigeons, although their name has changed – along with that of so many other birds – to Speckled Pigeon ( 300 more words


Rock Pigeon [Columba livia] ~ 2016 #19

The Rock Pigeon is pretty common, and some even see it as a pest. There were a few hanging out on the pier on this day, and many of them were puffing up and cooing at their neighbours. 99 more words

British Columbia

Mister Pigeon, I Said Good Morning!

As promised, here’s that pigeon painting I finished a while back. It’s named for the song On The Monkey Bars by Dogbowl. As with most of the artwork I post here, I don’t think the photo does it justice. 29 more words