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Waaah, It's Hot

It’s that time of year when going out birding is a challenge and I’m not meeting the challenge very well. So here’s some Northern Mockingbird fledglings currently in our yard. 59 more words


Calypso & Crickett (Rock Pigeons)

Poor Calypso.  He had been nagged to death by Crickett to attend couples therapy.  Now look where it had got him; some high priced resort that didn’t even serve Bud-Lite at poolside. 

Urban Birding

Last weekend the sun was shining, the bike was ready, and the motorless list stood at 98 species. So I headed to downtown Fort Wayne in the hope of hitting the century mark before the end of May with two reliable downtown birds: Cliff Swallow and Peregrine Falcon. 576 more words

Rock Pigeon [Columba livia ] ~ #12

I almost missed one from my March 21st visit to Burnaby Lake. Usually the pigeons are on the ground with the ducks, but on this trip they were not hanging about … except for this one guy surveying the situation from the trees. 6 more words


Lloyd Lunch Walk II


That, my friends, is a red tail.

I found the nest! One advantage to working super early on the 10th floor, I’m up with the birds. 140 more words

Red-tailed Hawk

Eurasian Collared Dove

After a brief visit last spring, our count of Eurasian Collared Doves increased to four yesterday, including what appears (above) to be a juvenile, in just a matter of weeks. 176 more words


A few gulls

An unusual Mew/Common/Kamchatka Gull that has been delighting and confusing the local birders in Massachusetts. Doesn’t seem to know what a stir he’s causing. He just sits there and preens. 157 more words