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In a Brown Study

This gallery contains 2 photos. Lest I be pigeonholed :) … three days after discovering a white peace (white morph/leucistic) dove at Burnaby Lake/Piper Spit, I found this brown morph rock pigeon 164 more words


The Great White Wonder

This gallery contains 2 photos. The brown morph rock pigeon (which appears tinted as pink) at Reifel may have eluded me, but this lovely, showstopping leucistic Rock Dove at Burnaby Lake/Piper Spit took my breath away. 95 more words


XXX (Frat Boys)

At the organizational meeting of a new chapter house on campus the national leaders insisted on a few demonstrations of Frat Boy behavior.  Many young men were eager to become members the prestigious fraternal organization: Tango Niner Tango X-ray.  51 more words

Viviane (Diva)

Fresh from her successful two year run in “Madame Butterfly”,  Viviane was badly miscast as the lead in “Lady of the Lake”.  On the first day of rehearsals she missed her “mark” ( a platform secured just below the surface ) and sank out of sight into the dark waters of the Foggy Bottoms Resort.  23 more words

The "Pigeon-Doves"

are pretty similar to the pigeons in American cities. I saw the birds in all three countries, but the ones in France were slightly different. At a park in Paris called “Le Place des Vosges” there were some pigeons that were slightly larger (not fatter, just larger over all) and more of a buff color than a mix of grey, white, and iridescent. 98 more words


Kiwi (Northern Flicker)

Kiwi tried her best to remember Father Robin’s words of charity and tolerance towards Pigeons; but, alas, not one kind thought came into her mind.

Casper (Foolish Business Traveler)

Casper tried to recall the previous quarterly business meeting held at this very resort.  One of these two lovelies had slipped him the key to her room; he thought.  25 more words