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Kiwi (Northern Flicker)

Kiwi tried her best to remember Father Robin’s words of charity and tolerance towards Pigeons; but, alas, not one kind thought came into her mind.

Casper (Foolish Business Traveler)

Casper tried to recall the previous quarterly business meeting held at this very resort.  One of these two lovelies had slipped him the key to her room; he thought.  25 more words

Idabell (Ace Cub Reporter)

It was a slow news day for Idabell.  She did her workout at the Spa on a “comp” then made her way to poolside.  There she flashed her Press credentials at a has been celebrity and promised him an in depth, hard hitting piece for the New Yorker if he’d buy her a few Long Island Teas. 54 more words

Waaah, It's Hot

It’s that time of year when going out birding is a challenge and I’m not meeting the challenge very well. So here’s some Northern Mockingbird fledglings currently in our yard. 59 more words


Urban Birding

Last weekend the sun was shining, the bike was ready, and the motorless list stood at 98 species. So I headed to downtown Fort Wayne in the hope of hitting the century mark before the end of May with two reliable downtown birds: Cliff Swallow and Peregrine Falcon. 576 more words

Rock Pigeon [Columba livia ] ~ #12

I almost missed one from my March 21st visit to Burnaby Lake. Usually the pigeons are on the ground with the ducks, but on this trip they were not hanging about … except for this one guy surveying the situation from the trees. 6 more words


Lloyd Lunch Walk II


That, my friends, is a red tail.

I found the nest! One advantage to working super early on the 10th floor, I’m up with the birds. 140 more words

Red-tailed Hawk