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Last Chance to Win a Free eBook

My Kindle campaign closes tomorrow. Click here to rock the vote and nominate I Should Have Said Yes. If I win, you win a free copy!  301 more words


Democratic Primary August 9th Polling Locations

The Democratic Primary for State Senator and Registrar of Voters is Tuesday, August 9th and all polling locations will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. 251 more words

Rock The Vote

Flowers Over Guns

It’s not a secret that the U.S. has a serious gun control problem. Americans love guns and damn anyone who tries to take them away. It’s also not a secret that America is in fact, in danger. 817 more words

Get Registered Now: Rock the Vote in 2016!

From Rock the Vote

What is Rock the Vote?

Rock the Vote changed politics forever 25 years ago. The organization was founded in 1990 by a group of artists and recording industry staff, including current Rock the Vote board member Jeff Ayeroff in response to the Parent Music Resource Center’s music censorship campaign with the goal of getting young people to realize their political power, specifically to protect artists’ right to free speech. 176 more words

Rock The Vote

Rock the Vote!

Did you know that the Woodland Public Library, and most libraries, are funded by tax-payer dollars?

Yes, public libraries are government organizations tasked with the mission of providing free educational materials such as books to everyone in the community. 143 more words

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Can we talk about the Elephant in the room, and the ass that created it?

Hey Judy’s! SO in honor of the Democratic National Convention being done and over with, and a week prior the Republican National Convention being over, so much has come to the light about the highs and lows of politics and what we, as the majority, are going to have to do about it. 2,030 more words

Here’s How Hillary Clinton Asked Pusha T To Support Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton is pulling out all the stops for her presidential campaign.

The Democratic nominee called on rapper Pusha T for his support to help register voters for November’s election. 168 more words

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