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Cock-block the vote

Do you remember in high school when walls would be covered with homemade posters, campaign pins were sprinkled across the campus, and the popular kids would go around talking to the little people? 631 more words

Random Hate

Whoever Said Student Government Doesn't Matter Was Seriously Mistaken

In case you haven’t heard, democracy is very near and dear to my heart. I love that I live in a nation that celebrates the People’s right to choose their leaders, and… 483 more words


Selma Speech: President Obama At Edmund Pettus Bridge

Fifty years later Obama and others remind us it’s time to honor those who organized and died for the right to vote by continuing that struggle…….. 169 more words

Rock The Vote

Week 4- The Players in Healthcare Policy Making: Traditional and Contemporary roles.

Within the United States, the development of healthcare policy continues to travel a long and winding road. Although the American public might assume that the president and his advisors are the primary players in public policy, the system is far more complex. 686 more words

Growing Indigenous Mobilization for the 2015 Federal Elections

A number of youth-led, grass-roots campaigns are encouraging aboriginal peoples to vote in the upcoming federal elections. A Facebook page entitled, “Winnipeg Indigenous Rock The Vote In The 42nd Federal Election Oct 19 2015″ already has around 800 members… 250 more words

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Elizabeth Gomez: Voting - Shut Up and Just Do It

Voting: Come on people JUST DO IT. Seriously, DO IT. I don’t want to be that crotchety middle-aged woman who has to get on a soap box about civic duties, but it seems that I must. 1,218 more words

Elizabeth Gomez

Today in Madonna History: January 21, 1992

On January 21 1992, a lawsuit was filed against Madonna by 3 ex-dancers: Oliver Crumes, Kevin Stea and Gabriel Trupin – they charged her with invasion of privacy, fraud and deceit, intentional misrepresentation, suppression of fact, and intentional infliction of emotional distress for exposing their private lives in her 1991 film documentary… 60 more words