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April 24, 2017 at 03:16PM

I’ve seen these popping up lately. I like the image. But can we talk about placement?

this one is stuck on the back door of Phog Lounge. 132 more words

Introducing... Clever Thing

Clever Thing hail from Brighton, UK and have crunchy riff rock nailed down to a T. The four piece are headed up with the dual vocals of Daisy and Rich. 43 more words


April 24, 2017 at 03:02PM

Do you come to Open Mic Surgery for:

1. Big 20oz // $5 pints?
2. To perform?
3. To be entertained?
4. Poutine?
5. Tony Coates?
6. Joe?
7. Other?


Can We Forgive Mumford & Sons?

I know this is controversial but I’ve always liked Mumford & Sons. Screw the vitriol levelled against them. People say they’re fake. They say there’s irony to the fact that they’ve hopped off the bus fresh from a public school hockey match wearing waistcoats and brandishing banjos. 1,068 more words


A 'journey' to Jesus for Jonathan Cain

His “Don’t Stop Believing” became an anthem for a generation, and now it looks like Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain has put it into practice because he has revived his childhood passion for Jesus. 496 more words