A little crafting never hurt anyone 

So I ‘lost’ my sewing kit. I say ‘lost’ because I have a feeling it’s not just misplaced however while I gather evidence, I still need a kit. 126 more words


What a busy week!

Last week was pretty busy! I picked up a birthday party for October, a thanksgiving banquet for November, another birthday party for December and I have a meeting Friday to pitch for a 500-person summit in January! 110 more words


Disappointing News

I have been unemployed since June. And really there is NOTHING out there that will pay me enough to cover babysitting and other essentials. I’ve had a couple interviews and snazzed up the ol’ resume but no one really wants to hire a repo girl… no matter if I have 10 years experience or not. 437 more words


More crafting :)

I got this one done today too. It’s too hot to do anything else!!

Etsy.com – SwinginDollyCrafts

Please give me a like if you have the chance. 17 more words