busy summer so far...

Sorry for the hiatus- with the kids out of school, their entertainment leaves little time for anything else.so far, in the month they have been out of school, we’ve gone camping twice, Disneyland 4x, the LA Zoo twice, a week stay at my ma’s and of course the whining hours on hours of children trying to get chores done. 381 more words


Happy Baby Daddy Day!

Now don’t you go making Daddy mad on his day!


The Return of Cafe Racers (Why and When?)" on YouTube

The Return of Cafe Racers (Why and When?)

Some of us greasers love motorcycles,  it doesn’t matter if we own one or if we don’t,  it doesn’t matter if we had ride one or we have never been on a bike. 239 more words

Greaser Central

Song Of The Day: The Phantom - Love Me

In honor of Poison Ivy Rorschach’s birthday, here’s a slice of demented genius that The Cramps brought to wider attention via their cover.

and thanks to the always insightful Dangerous Minds for giving us the back story to it… 18 more words


Happy Birthday To Style Icon, Rock and Roll Goddess and Living Legend, Poison Ivy! Pt I - The Music

Poison Ivy and Lux Interior were the most exalted potentates of Punk Rock. They were Rock and Roll disciples, spreading the salvation of the good word (the bird, of course) to lost souls the world over. 136 more words