Honoring Elvis Presley - 17 Januari 2015 - Bandung

Minggu berikutnya berlanjut 17 JAnuari 2015, masih dalam tajuk Mengenang 80 tahun Elvis Presley, Bandung RockabillyRockabilly Indonesia

Bertempat di Bawean Resto Bandung, Jl. Gandapura No. 64 more words


Viva Las Vegas XV

With VLV right around the corner, a lot of people are doing a lot of last-minute prepping.  I know I am! I’ve got a haircut appointment in a couple of hours, and I’m going to go from my hair reaching under my nose, to being above my eyebrow. 305 more words


Upcoming Event.

Sorry for the lack of event updates, folks. I’ve been laying low. ‘How low,’ you ask? Well, I just happened to miss Kim Lenz & Big Sandy, that’s how low! 78 more words


Signs & Signifiers.

With the recently announced band line up for Viva Las Vegas 15, people have freaked! There’s a lot of familiar names on this line up, that have been making ladies change their panties and guys… well, I don’t know what some of you guys do, but you can let your imagination run wild. 533 more words


Hot-Rods, Hot Butts, Boobs, Booze & Dudes. The 2011 Hootenanny!

As the title says, who doesn’t love seeing all of that? Well, I guess I can do without the dude part… But everything else makes up for it! 69 more words


Recap: San Mateo Festival

Personally, I prefer to stay away from any San Mateo event. Too often you’re surrounded by hoards of teeny-boppers, too many familiar faces, and something we like to call disorganization. 998 more words


Don't Forget!

Forgot to post this one up.

Don’t forget about the Haight Street Hop, on every first Friday of the month!

This up coming Haight Street Hop will have a theme. 136 more words