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Aaron Gresham

Aaron works as a Creative Director in Birmingham, Alabama, and based upon his rather extensive and varied portfolio, I’m not sure where he finds the time to design gig posters, but somehow he pulls it off—with great execution and originality.


AG Rojas

AG Rojas is a 24 year-old director who you may already know from his ipecac-inspired “Earl” video (watch here in the safety of your home). 87 more words



Figure is a new electronic music production app that is an absolute blast to play with. The app was developed by Propellerhead, a company famous for a software product called Reason that acts as a virtual effects rack for music creation and recording. 148 more words



Retrograde is the new musical instrument/experiment/website from punk/rock/rap hybrid, Death Grips—the only reason you should be attending Coachella this year. The site is composed of 109 animated GIFs that you can control at will and build your very own mountain of aural mayhem. 13 more words



Dresden-based designer and illustrator Lars Krause operates his screenprinting and design empire under the name Douze, and based on his portfolio, he designs gig posters for almost every notable band that plays his part of Germany.


Mara Piccione

Mara is a Dutch artist and poster designer with a fresh illustration style that delivers a deliciously dark tone. A visit to her extensive online portfolio is highly recommended.


RokRiot and Scout Music Promotion collide

RökRiot comes across a ton of new music every day, and we’ve been sharing the best of our finds through “RökRiot Rekommends” posts on our… 168 more words