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A Gray Guest Post: From South Africa to Virginia: Where do we go from here?

I am without enough words to elaborate on the impressive work and sure-fire words of Professsor TJ Tallie, who is the author of the piece below. 2,129 more words

A Gray Guest Post: A Response to the News-Gazette

I am so proud to be able to post this site’s first guest piece, written by a young woman who embodies the best of recent college graduates finding their own special way in the world. 1,689 more words

Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

During a recent rainy stay at our Rocky Ridge Cabin, my wife and I were able to find a few dry hours to get out for a short hike. 187 more words


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Hakuna Matata

If all should pass away,
And all my fears come true,
If I should see the day
When all I have is You
It is well; be still my soul. 1,084 more words


Kenya: Week 2

It’s just us now. All alone in the African wilderness, where the stars are strong and the wi-fi is weak.

The American medical team departed Nakuru on Wednesday, leaving us in the excellent care of the Tumaini conference center staff and the Kenyan staff of Rockbridge Ministries. 896 more words


Kenya: Week 1

We made it! And it only took 19 hours of flights, 7 hours of layover, and 3 hours of bus rides. We are currently 8 hours ahead of the US Eastern time zone, so while you’re waking up we’re having our afternoon coffee at the mzungu (Swahili for white people) coffee shop, Java House. 488 more words