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Oldies and Goodies Series: David Icke- Freedom Road (1998)

We now have the benefit of watching this with hindsight, to see all the ways in which David Icke is right. His conclusions may not always be on point, but he brings up information that enables people to DYOR, put together the pieces if the puzzle, and most importantly, learn how to look for the clues. 228 more words


The Gilded Age: John D. Rockefeller’s Role within the Oil Industry

The Gilded Age saw the rise of productive giants who amassed immense wealth. These mislabeled “robber barons” became incredibly rich not through robbing anyone. They became wealthy by offering products and services of high quality at attractively low prices. 411 more words


David Rockefeller’s Art Collection

Last week David Rockefeller’s art collection realized over $825 million at auction. The proceeds will be distributed to about a dozen of his favorite charities. 556 more words

Quote of the Day #83

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

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Rockefeller art auction smashes 22 world records

The art world is still catching its breath after a multi-record-breaking auction at Christie’s in New York netting US$832 million (£614 million) drew to a close on Friday 11 May 2018. 324 more words

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Maybe Die First?

Buying art is a wonderful rush,

Masterpieces in a brand new home.

I heard a Monet sold for 84 million,

How the heck do I sell a poem?


3-Minute Poem

Clark Ellis Gardner - Bio

CLARK GARDNER was a versatile artist who worked in various media, including video and photography. However, his primary interest was in oil painting, since it allows for enjoyment of color, imagination and abstract composition. 372 more words

Adolph Gottlieb