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Deal 220 Preview

The Three Rings are Peace, Security, and Justice.
The Aerialist in the first ring is Rocket.
The Elephant in the second ring is Gentleman.
The Clown in the third ring is Pipe.

Daily Deal

How—and Why—Russian Rockets Get Blessed

God didn’t have much role in rocketry during the days of the old Soviet Union. The officially atheist state was a creature of economics, politics, industry, ideology. 322 more words

[MINI-MEET] Happy Dollyversary Aahil!

Much like people, dolls have birthdays or dolliversaries too! And like all special days, these need to be celebrated. :D

Arvie and I went out for a mini doll meet last March 24 to celebrate Aahil’s dolliversary. 314 more words


Nursery alphabet decor


This is a way overdue post about a crossstitch project I finished about ten months ago – only a few weeks before my little angel was born. 28 more words


Someone open a Window

We’ve spent a good deal of time exploring the local Kerbin system, so it’s time to get a bit further afield and visit some other planets. 1,654 more words

Kerbal Space Program

Today in the History of Technology - March 22 and 23

Happy Monday, friends! :D

This weekend was full of sleeping in, catching up on “Vikings” and editing, editing, editing until my eyes were ready to fall right out of my head. 97 more words