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SpaceX has a 'Roomba' robot but no one knows what it really is

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

SpaceX fans are extremely curious about a new robot that keeps appearing on SpaceX’s drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You.” Some are calling it the “Roomba” robot while others insist it should be called “Optimus Prime.” There are theories as to what this robot is for, but there’s no confirmation from SpaceX itself, yet.  391 more words


Civet and Pangolin #162

C :- Instead of saying its true wight why does ISRO say that the newly sent rocket has the         weight of 200 elephants.
P :- White elephants?

ULA Future Heavy Rocket Launch

Video Caption: On June 24, 2017, interns and mentors from United Launch Alliance (ULA) launched the 53-foot-tall Future Heavy, breaking their own record for launching the world’s largest sport rocket. 73 more words


Happy Space Exploration Day

I just came across this brilliant opinion piece on BlueJayBlog about what today really means, and I really feel this should go viral!

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Gnocchi: little Italian dumplings

Often appearing as primi on Italian menus, gnocchi are little poached dumplings said to date back at least as far as Roman times. They tend to be made with potato in the north of Italy, but also ricotta, among other things. 201 more words


SpaceX targets 24-hour first stage rocket re-use turnaround by 2018

(Source: techcrunch.com)

In a talk at the ISS R&D conference on Wednesday, Elon Musk shared some more insight into SpaceX’s path to fast and full rocket reusability. 344 more words