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NASA plans to deal with any incoming killer asteroid by hurling an 8-ton spacecraft at it

NASA has drawn up plans for a huge nuclear spacecraft capable of shunting or blowing up an asteroid that may threaten to wipe out life on Earth. 332 more words


SDSU Rocket Project Second LOX/LCH4 Test

Video Caption: On March 3rd, 2018, the SDSU Rocket Project had their second static hot fire of a LOX/LCH4 Engine designed towards the FAR/Mars Launch Contest. 16 more words


Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship

by John Arthur Nichol

Age: 8-12

Eight year old Sascha Martin is always inventing things, so he knows how they work. Mostly. For class news time he brings in a rocket that towers over everyone, including the teacher … but he’s written “Don’t touch!” on the rocket, so what could possibly go wrong? 52 more words

The First Post

This is my attempt at learning how WordPress works “out of the box”.  I am attempting to support a WP site that was developed in my absence…and I know nothing about WP.


Rocket Lab’s next launch vaults it into full commercial operation

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Rocket launch startup Rocket Lab is moving from its initial testing phase into proper commercial operations with its next mission. The company’s past two launches, “It’s a Test” and “Still Testing” were (you guessed it) primarily tests of its Electron launch craft vehicle and launch process, but its next mission, dubbed “It’s Business Time” (kudos if you get the New Zealand connection) will ferry two Lemur-2 cube satellites to space for customer Spire Global. 239 more words


USCRPL Aim For April Space Shot

From the team’s website,

Launch planned for APRIL 2018
TRAVELER III will be USCRPL’s third attempt to launch a rocket to space. The rocket has a nominal predicted altitude of 415,000 ft, which will exceed the Karman Line, making USCRPL the first student group to launch a student built and designed rocket to SPACE!

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