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Houston Rockets waived a potential future all-star player.

The Houston Rockets have waived Chinese center Zhou Qi.

This season he played only 1 minute.

Last season he played 6 minutes per game averaged 1.3 points, 1.2 rebs. 18 more words

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Houston? More Like P-U-ston

26 games into last season the Rockets were 22-4, after finishing that season out at 67-15 and a game away from The Finals, things looked promising. 892 more words


The Other 29: 12/10/18

The last few weeks have been a stratifying force in the NBA, and while the rankings in the West are still quite complicated, there is a much greater sense of who’s fake and who’s for real across the board. 735 more words

Eric Gordon says Rockets are 'not using some guys the right way'

The Houston Rockets aren’t who we thought they were. The team that gave the Golden State Warriors a run for their money in the Western Conference Finals last season have looked unsteady to open the year, and despite jettisoning Carmelo Anthony, have not returned to their former glory. 301 more words


Hezbollah deputy chief: All of Israel in range of our rockets

Israel ‘deterred by the capabilities of the Islamic resistance,’ says Naim Qassem as IDF exposes a third tunnel from Lebanon into Israel

A Hezbollah fighter stands behind an empty rocket launcher, May 22, 2010. 1,377 more words

Wolves Country Weekend Wrap-Up: W0101

Looking back over the past week, the Minnesota Timberwolves organization is in pretty high spirits. Going back since the last Wolves Country wrap up, the the Wolves finished the three game stretch with two wins. 1,313 more words


DARE: Engine Testing and Recent Happenings

The team has also released a newsletter covering what they have been up to recently. Download it here to find out!!

Video Caption: Test 16 of the DHX-400 ‘Nimbus’ hybrid rocket motor for the Stratos IV student built sounding rocket. 53 more words