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rocket, Rocket, ROCKET!!!!!

If Benny’s spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP was a kind of modern distillation of the 1980s’ classic blue and grey ships, I guess this is a rocket Rocket ROCKET!!! 495 more words


Charters & School Board Races: Is There a Project Renaissance Coming Your Way?

By Amy Frogge

Project Renaissance is folding. Let me take a moment to explain what this group is really all about.

Last summer, Project Renaissance injected itself into local school board races with a vengeance, trying to take down several board members and replace them with pro-charter school candidates. 536 more words

Charter Schools

The Daily Post | Launch

What do you want to be when you grow up? Every kid is probably asked this question a few times throughout his childhood long before he even has to start making direct decisions in pursuit of his dream. 709 more words



I did this one yesterday and I did it all with a mechanical┬ápencil. A bit sad that the initials and date are cut off but I have pdf’s of them anyway.

Traditional Art

Ponytail Girl

Funner than summer

You’ve got those high kicks

Laugh smile babe

Brown eyes

Brown eyes

You’ve got bravado to spare

Cartwheel somersault kiddo


Ponytail… 92 more words


Year 3, Day 269

We don’t normally swim after school, but when we do, it’s with daddy and we fly!


Day 7- The Rocket-ship

I imagine a rocket-ship that has one-way travel to a kinder place.

A place where we don’t need to explain how black lives matter, why transgender people and immigrants make us great and why the poor deserve equal access to education and resources as the millionaire high on the hill. 128 more words

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