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Cube format

We discovered this magnificent place on monday and today I went back to take a closer look.
It is absolutely perfect. For barbecue, for sand castles, stone paintings or ducks watching…and for photo shootings. 35 more words


From top to bottom

Our planet moving along in a cycle that’s slower than what we easily can comprehend but seeing helps understand it nonetheless.

Sometimes a still scene feels like a movie and in this case I could feel the rocks moving ever so slowly from the top of the outcropping into the valley below.

Northern Colorado.


Rocks are kind of a trip, some hard and strong others light and easily broken, some smooth and some rough.

I had a little one ask me once as we were skipping rocks across the water where rocks came from? 237 more words

Dream BigĀ 

One of the up side to confined space vehicle travel is surf time. This pastime keeps me from being too antsy about sitting still and allows me to dream. 549 more words

1918 Eaton's House

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This would be my favourite image I think, and one 72 more words