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Old Timer on the Rocks

Miriam swirled the swizzle stick around the naked ice cubes in her rocks glass, cigarette clamped in her teeth, mind a million miles away. The left side of her mouth twitched upward in a distant cousin of a smile as she pondered whether she’d spent more of her life on this very bar stool or out in the rest of the world. 291 more words


#createsomethingnew: Cactus Garden

Hola amigos,

I hope you all had a lovely week(end) and are ready for the week ahead. I had a busy weekend prepping for Manuel’s 30th birthday! 280 more words


Masungi Georeserve Extreme Adventure

If you’re brave enough and not scared in heights you can try this one.Masungi Georeserve is located at Antipolo Baras, Philipines.Our tour guide said that it was called “Masungi”which means” spike rock ” it’s like some samurai slashes the rock because of perfect slash line “, And the other people said Masungi is like Masungit ang panahon, Its mean “changeable/peevish weather”and it’s true,The weather there is changeable,Sometimes it’s misty,windy,shady and sunny.You can feel it all if you are up there. 268 more words

#Antipolo Philippines