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Guitar Hero: From The Ashes

If you ever need proof of the “me too” nature of gaming, look no further.  Rock Band is coming back, so naturally, Guitar Hero is, too. 609 more words


Games I'd Like to See Made

New games are being made every day, but have you ever waited for that one game to be announced only for it to go unmentioned year after year? 644 more words


Rocksmith - Status 3-21-2015

This is my latest installment in my reporting on my progress using Rocksmith 2014 to learn guitar. I’m trying formatting the information differently, using a spreadsheet instead of the screen grabs as it’s easier to see the progress. 287 more words


Five Tips to get Better at Rocksmith (and Guitar!)

I read an interesting blog post the other day, called “How I Didn’t Learn Guitar by Playing Rocksmith 2014.” Rocksmith can be a great learning tool and I can say that it did turn me into a guitar player.   849 more words