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Rocksmith - Status 3-21-2015

This is my latest installment in my reporting on my progress using Rocksmith 2014 to learn guitar. I’m trying formatting the information differently, using a spreadsheet instead of the screen grabs as it’s easier to see the progress. 287 more words


Five Tips to get Better at Rocksmith (and Guitar!)

I read an interesting blog post the other day, called “How I Didn’t Learn Guitar by Playing Rocksmith 2014.” Rocksmith can be a great learning tool and I can say that it did turn me into a guitar player.   849 more words


Rocksmith - Random Thoughts from a Guitar Learner

Although I’ve had Rocksmith 2014 for over a year, I’ve really only been using it heavily for the past couple of months. These are some random thoughts/observations I’ve had based on my experiences. 383 more words


Tip: Leveling up in Double Stops 101 (and other lessons)

I went back to do the Double Stops 101 lesson. After a couple of tries on the practice track, I got it perfect, but it didn’t level up. 183 more words