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[Humble Store] 2015 Spring Sale: Snag these deals, yo

Do you like sales? Then you best CLICK HERE!

Only one more week left for the sales to come. To be honest, the $1 deal each day hasn’t been all that exciting, unless you’re really big into the… 1,547 more words

Video Games

Ten Year Old Plays Slayer

Ten year old Audrey Shida shreds Slayer’s War Ensemble on Rocksmith

Haiku, Rocksmith Gamification

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“Video games are – a fun waste of time unless – they teach you something”

Guitar Hero Live versus Rock Band 4 - A face-off at face value

With the recent announcement of Guitar Hero Live, the battle of the plastic instruments returns to gamer’s living rooms once more. The interesting part about this round though is for the first time it appears that both it and… 621 more words


Guitar Hero: From The Ashes

If you ever need proof of the “me too” nature of gaming, look no further.  Rock Band is coming back, so naturally, Guitar Hero is, too. 609 more words


Games I'd Like to See Made

New games are being made every day, but have you ever waited for that one game to be announced only for it to go unmentioned year after year? 644 more words