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Rocksmith - CDLC and TABs

With the invitation to play bass for Thomas’ cover band I searched for Custom DLC for Rocksmith and found five or six songs which we plan to cover. 876 more words

Monday VLOG #4 - Weight Loss Update and New Games!

Today I talk about my adventures in weight loss and discuss two games I recently started playing.

Monday VLOG

Rocksmith sing along

A couple of evenings ago I fired up Rocksmith in order to practice a couple of the upcoming Arzthosen cover band songs and my wife decided to come in for a sing along. 150 more words

Arzthosen / Rocksmith

A couple of weeks ago, after Thomas had asked me to play the bass in his cover band, I fired up my Rocksmith partition and scanned for suitable CDLC. 598 more words

Learning the guitar

I started playing rocksmith. Because why not. Learning new things is useful for the brain, and this was available at no cost.

It is really fun, because there’s good music in it. 94 more words


Different Ways to Learn and Improve

In my opinion, the most efficient way to learn the best is private lessons (1 on 1). I think this is the best way (even though it’s quite expensive) as you’re the focus whereas in a group lesson, you’re in with different people that may hold you back. 129 more words

Weird difference between Rocksmith for PC and Rocksmith for PS3

I mentioned not too long ago that after finally getting a PS3 (now that the 4 is out, and the 3 is fairly cheap), I decided to get Rocksmith 2014 for the PS3.   1,001 more words