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Just the Eggs Ma'am

Purchasing two dozen eggs at the supermarket is something that ought to be quick and simple.

Unfortunately I had forgotten the idiotprufs first rule of waiting: regardless of whatever line, queue, lane, or number taking method being used to make people wait, the line I happen to choose, will come to a screeching, flaming, imploding halt. 421 more words

'Creed' - Rocky spinoff

Written by Giorgio Ramos

Michael B. Jordan, star of 2012′s ‘Chronicle’ and the upcoming ‘Fantasic Four’ reboot is attached to a ‘Rocky’ spinoff project titled ‘Creed’. 417 more words



Amazon’s Gold Box Deal Of The Day today is for ROCKY: THE HEAVYWEIGHT COLLECTION box set on Blu-ray for $22.99! Regular price is $55.99. This sale price is only for today, Monday April 14th. 73 more words

Rocky III

The Thrill of the Fight: Musings on Rocky – April 12, 2014

Even an underdog has its day.

When I heard that Rocky was being made into a musical, I will admit I was skeptical at the prospect – yet another movie franchise to be adapted to the stage in order to bring in a wider audience, one who would not normally attend a Broadway musical ; a sign of how Hollywood is “invading” Broadway, as the trend of movies being adapted into musicals continues. 639 more words


The Mythology of Rocky Balboa - Part 1

…sum time ago, in mood of lament, I stood upon stage, before audience at “Prophouse Cafe”- the only room what’ll have me- and whilst at same time meaning assure this scattered audience at this bric-a- brac venue for my succeeding ventures towards reconciling mine self to my real world experience -as a simple mover of household furniture- employed, as I am, at “Broadway Moving”- Vancouver’s longest standing independent moving company- now that it seems appear ever more clear that a ‘Rocky like’ shot at the title is not, in fact- destined be mine- to embrace mine employ of toil, what brings with it a wage of sustenance, and to abandon with my dreams of fistic glory…. 511 more words


Why the Underdog?

I have always rooted for the underdog.  The one that didn’t have a chance, the one that nobody seen coming, and definitely wasn’t the one that was expected to win.  245 more words

The Nets Now Know That "There is No Tomorrow"

So they say that life imitates art.

In the next few weeks, the Brooklyn Nets will be returning to the postseason for a second consecutive year, and although seedings are still being determined, they seem destined to face the… 939 more words

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