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At the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

Usually my pick at the theatre is something typically ‘Vaudeville’ with electric sets/costumes and spectacle numbers; I’ve always enjoyed the film and the music from… 423 more words


Tits out, show's out!!

I’m just going to get this out there now. I F*****G LOVE MUSICALS AND THEATRE!!!

I saw my first ever West End show a few years back. 421 more words


The Stage - Search for a Theatre Critic 2016

A short post, but big on excitement. Earlier this year I was delighted to have been shortlisted in The Stage’s annual Search for a Theatre Critic 2016 competition. 32 more words


Ghostbusters, Hail, Caesar! And why it’s okay to be just be fun.

I’ve been thinking about Hail, Caesar! a lot recently. Largely in conjunction with the new Ghostbusters. Originally I just put it down to obsession but I think there’s a very strong similarity between these films that is so obvious but so hard to pin down; they’re both at their hearts, fun. 981 more words


Galway Pride Festival 2016: Interactive Rocky Horror Show


Galway Pride Festival, in association with the VHS Club, is proud to present a fund-raising interactive showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The long success of The Rocky Horror Picture Show has redefined the term ‘Cult Film” and the showing of this classic at Galway Pride has become a tradition that this year will take place on Wednesday June 29th in The Loft at Seven Bridge Street bar. 128 more words


Review: Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Show at the Orchard Theatre

I have to confess something… until last night, I was a Rocky Horror virgin. Richard O’Brien’s classic musical is not so much a stage show as a phenomenon with a life of its own, and seeing it for the first time feels a bit like stumbling into a club of which you’re not a member. 403 more words


European membership, part 46; ' And then a step to the right'

The future for British politics if we vote to leave the EU will probably be a big step to the right. Not only rocky, but a  real horror show. 523 more words

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