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"Sequels? Where we're going, we don't need sequels"

The way things have gone since the turn of the century, it’s the quote that Christopher Lloyd’s whacky ‘Doc’ Brown should have uttered to put the finishing touches on… 1,706 more words

Cover Of The Week: No Easy Way Out by Bullet For My Valentine

I have always been a fan of cover songs just for the fact that it’s cool to see how a band will take a song and interpret it in their own unique way. 221 more words


Rocky IV

“Happy Birthday Paulie.”

The cold, sterile voice cut through the ominous sound of electronic beeps and blips. Paulie looked around in a state of disbelief and primal fear. 299 more words

My Spiritual Walk is a Shonda Rhimes Show (Or You're Gonna Need Jesus for THIS New Mess)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a clear testimony like, “Jesus found me. Broken. At the bottom of a bottle of bourbon and crying out for help.” 494 more words

And Now, The Cena Vs. Rusev Feud As The Rocky IV 'No Easy Way Out' Montage

Thank you, Internet.

If you’ve been concerned that the upcoming John Cena vs. Rusev feud would devolve into a bunch of unwarranted patriotism and name-calling, don’t worry … you’ve been bailed out by a beautiful soul who decided to haphazardly stuff together a bunch of Cena and Rusev footage and re-do the Rocky IV ‘No Easy Way Out’ montage. 42 more words


I Really Hope This Robot Au Pair Doesn't Murder My Adorable Children

Beyond 2000 (and the twelve other name iterations it encompasses) is/was an Australian television programme centered on science, technology, and hopefully-not-murderous robotic aux pairs. That last bit may not  94 more words