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The Blackcatloner Podcast - Yo, Adrian! It's the Rocky Retrospective, Y'Know?

I have officially decided to take up podcasting to replace the Blackcatloner vlog series. I will be posting podcasts through podcasts.com for the foreseeable future. Does this mean that I have officially ended making videos? 70 more words

Sylvester Stallone

Rocky Retrospective: Rocky IV and the Sliding Time Scale.

This is something I’m just totally screwing around with but it’s fun to talk about.

In the movie world Rocky I opens in November of 1975. 644 more words


Rocky Retrospective: Rocky IV

Rocky IV was released in 1985, at the height of Reagan’s America. In this sequel the Rocky series reaches the peak bombastic-ness as our hero takes on the Soviet super slugging machine Ivan Drago. 577 more words


56 Days, 56 Christmas Films: Day 2 - Rocky IV

So, I’m watching a Christmas film every day from Halloween to Christmas. Why? Because it’s the most wonderful time of the year! There are going to be some classics, there are going to be some new ones, there are going to be some forgotten ones, and some incredibly tangential ones. 718 more words

General Musings

Classics for the gym! 

I’m here bumping this classic album and doing chest. Dad would be proud lol.


Blackcatloner: Episode 1x12- Yo, Adrian! It's the Rocky Retrospective, Y'know?

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the original Rocky movie being released to theaters, I finally manage to do a retrospective on all seven of the Italian Stallion’s greatest (and not so greatest) hits.


The Movie Star Games: Meet the Competitors

Well, it has been over a week since the Olympics ended, and I’m sure some people are very happy about that. We don’t have to worry about tape delays, strange sports, or bathroom vandalism until 2020. 2,787 more words