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Free Writing 1/20/2016

This is still new. I’m still experimenting. At times I might wait till I’ve had some coffee, others I might just do it first thing in the morning just so that all the cells in the braincave(my word) I might expand on that at some point, are fresh, untouched by any thoughts of the day. 434 more words

Free Writing


So, in preparation for seeing Creed tonight, I thought I’d dig up some posters from the Rocky films over the years. My personal favourite (film-wise) is… 184 more words


Creed shifts focus to deliver one of Rocky's (and 2015's) best films

After six movies there didn’t feel like there was much left to say about Rocky Balboa. We’ve seen his humble beginnings, greatest heights, and recent struggles with waning relevance. 867 more words

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My fave songs (in no particular order) Number 16

Living in America

James Brown

I first heard this song when I watched Rocky 4, as it’s featured in the film before Apollo fights the Russian. 41 more words


Movie Quote of the Week - 12/18/15

Answer to MWL 12/16/15: Ivan Drago (Dolph Ludgren) – Rocky IV

Thanks for everyone’s submissions on one pair of red, white, and blue stripped shorts to the following people for answering correctly: 163 more words


Lightning Review: Rocky IV

When the Soviet Union is allowed to participate in professional boxing matches, their first competitor is Ivan Drago (Dolph Ludgren). Wanting to prove Drago isn’t a worthy competitor, Apollo (Carl Weathers) steps up as his first opponent. 345 more words