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Rocky IV as Inspiration 

On Tuesday night I was feeling real low. Like Sophia in the store when she saw Ms. Celie but then Rocky IV came on and all of a sudden, I felt like I could take over the world. 244 more words


Rocky Will Land One Punch on Ivan Drago in Creed 2

DING! DING! I hear a rematch brewing, and no not from Mayweather.

Sylvester Stallone revealed not to long ago that the script for Creed 2 is officially done and that it will feature Ivan Drago as the main antagonist. 80 more words


Time for Something New

In this one, I talk about the future of my video making career on YouTube as well as dealing with flooding in the area and celebrating the Fourth of July.


Sylvester Stallone Teases Ivan Drago for Creed II

“If he dies, he dies!” is one of the most quoted lines from Rocky IV! This was uttered by the movie’s villain Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) after he knocked out Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) during an exhibition match. 278 more words


Christian Michael's Figure Review Episode 175: Rocky 40th Anniversary Apollo Creed

Welcome this this star-spangled edition of Christian Michael’s Figure Review. Today we take a look at Apollo Creed donning his gear before his big fight with Ivan Drago from Rocky IV.

Figure Reviews

I just saw Cars 3, A.K.A. Pixar does Rocky

My son is a huuge fan of the Cars movies. He doesn’t leave the house unless he is wearing Lightning McQueen and owns more than his fair share of Cars toys. 354 more words

Amuses Me

Boxer's Uncle/Cut Man Sucker Punches Opponent Into Next Year

Incredible series of events last night on Showtime’s PPV undercard. Didn’t watch the card itself–I’m sure it was trash–but the real fireworks came after Andre Dirrell won the interim 168 lb. 333 more words