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Cheyenne to Casper

Today we went from Cheyenne to Casper.  It was 178 miles. I sat in the back and took lots of pictures out of the window.  I found lots of snow and bear poo and lots of places for them to live in caves. 427 more words


Runner's Weekend - Colorado

With Memorial Day coming up next week, we will be moving on from the South and heading to the Rockies as we explore the Mile High City. 1,657 more words



Written by Martha Comments in Blue by Mummy

Mummy had to wake us up to go to the airport.  We were asleep in Mummy’s bed and Mummy took a photo of us before she woke us up because Eliza had cuddled up to me and looked really cute.   302 more words


Laramide Times

Traditionally, the Laramide Orogeny starts around 75 million years ago.  Probably most geoscientists would agree with the overall analysis of Dickinson et al. (1988), which is mainly based on sedimentary rocks preserved from that time. 818 more words


One more sleep!

For quite some time we have had to tell the girls how many sleeps it is until our holiday.  This morning when Martha asked I got the response… 445 more words


Venus's Lady's Slipper and the morel to the story

Calypso Bulbosa

Willow and I wandered the forest floor looking for wild mountain orchids. Last year they were much earlier. I found single broad leaf but without stems. 167 more words