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Easter treats: Creme Egg Rocky Road

I found a few recipes on Pinterest on how to make Creme Egg Rocky Road a few weeks back to take to a friend’s. I decided to change it up a little and thought I’d share this successful treat on my blog! 71 more words

Recipe: Vegan rocky road

A vegan version of this very popular teatime treat. Nuts and dried fruit replace the marshmallows making this rich chocolaty treat slightly healthier!

Rocky road is one of my favourite chocolate treats but this January I decided to go vegan for ‘veganuary’ which meant I had to adapt my recipe so that I could still eat this fantastic treat. 220 more words

Baking with B: Rocky Road Sour Cream Brownies

I confess I used to be one of those people that scoffed at the idea Valentine’s Day. Like those other haters, I believed it was too commercialized, and I resented feeling excluded all of those years I was single on February 14. 468 more words

Baking With B

Recipe: Chocolate truffle topped rocky road cheesecake

A rocky road base smothered with a smooth cheesecake filling and topped with rich, dark, indulgent truffles. This mouthwatering chocolate concoction is finished off with ribbons of melted chocolate. 590 more words

Recipe: Rocky tart

This ‘rocky tart’ is decadent, indulgent and rich yet dairy free. A rocky road and chocolate tart hybrid which is a perfect pudding for Valentine’s day. 317 more words

Rocky Road Cookies

Rocky Road Cookies are one of the all time favourites. They are chocolatey and chewy and delicious. Chocolate is usually the answer for anything, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching these cookies are without a doubt the answer. 274 more words


Shatter Review- Violator Kush

With another semester rolling ahead at full speed, my daily schedule is back to being way too busy for one individual. Between two part-time jobs, school, and blog writing in my free time, it’s safe to say that I truly don’t have a life outside of working. 367 more words

Strain Review