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Ritu's Rocky Road Recipe

At the Bash yesterday, I arrived, loaded down with sweet treats and goodies.

Carrot Cake Muffins, Nutella Twists, and Rocky Road Bites.

Dear Lucy, from… 230 more words


Rocky road

Okay, so I have made rocky road a few times and I absolutely love it. Its such a good treat and is so easy to make. 260 more words


Rocky Road

Teodora was riding her bike when she hit the rocky road.

This road wasn’t just light gravel, well-compacted. It was exceptionally rocky, large stones with occasional boulders. 215 more words

Short Story

Rocky Road (Teeleidi)

Teeleidin rooibos-sekoitus Rocky Road päätyi minulle vähän vahingossa. Se kuuluu sarjaan en uskaltaisi itse ostaa, mutta koska sain paketin lahjaksi, olen maistellut tätä rooibosta nyt viikon verran. 172 more words

Crunchie and Rolo Rocky Road

I have been struggling for baking inspiration recently. I have recently moved to a new house and am still getting used to the oven, so I decided to think about baking that involves little actual baking. 380 more words


A Little Late, But a Whole Lotta Chocolate

To assist in not spending money I thought it would make sense to start baking more and do more home cooking. So of course just before Easter I stumbled across this recipe for Creme Egg Rocky Road. 196 more words


Mum's Rocky Road

When Vegan Mumma, with a bit of a ‘snack tooth’, comes to stay I get in the kitchen and make her all sorts of delicious treats. 276 more words