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She makes time for Sunday baking

On a Friday little man has dinner at his childminder’s so when we all get home we have some extra time before bedtime. I decided that we should be intentional about having a planned activity that we do together in this time as a way of kick starting the weekend. 415 more words


The College Student's Guide to Healing Crystals

It’s February and you have problems. Here’s the lowdown: it is believed that crystals can give off certain ~*~energies~*~ that can be helpful to your overall well being. 303 more words


Black Medicine

It’s a student/hipster Edinburgh staple – and yes, I know I’m stretching it a lot by going here for a tea review, but with storm Gertrude… 446 more words


First Birhtday Party Of The Year

A week ago my stepdad had his birthday party, and I forgot to take pictures of anything but the food. I mostly sat and talked with people though, so there wasn’t really much to take pictures of, if I’m honest. 38 more words


Janathon 2016 Day 29 - Rocky Road

Rocky Road is one of my favourite cakes, and it’s also great exercise food.

It is believed to have been first made in 1929 in Oakland, California; though there is a dispute as to who can claim credit for inventing it. 168 more words

Season 1 - Episode 9

After we got home from the Neighbourhood Meeting, I ran upstairs into my bedroom where I sat down on my bed. I was both angry at myself and angry at Carl for succeeding at manipulating me like that. 792 more words

The Sims 4

Rocky road with honeycomb

Rocky Road is one of those simple recipes where the sum of the parts are greater than you expect it to be. Every single thing that goes into rocky road is nice in it’s own way, but together you have these amazing crunchy, soft, sweet and salty clusters that are just to die for. 227 more words