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Snowy Rocky Road

Seriously. Who Can Resist Rocky Road?  I just love it, but only ever make it at Christmas time for some reason.  We like to make both the traditional milk chocolate rocky road as well as using white chocolate, simply because the white looks so snowy and pretty. 168 more words


Review: 3 New Quest Bar Flavors

It’s probably no secret I love protein bars.

My sweet tooth is pretty insatiable. There were days before I started tracking macros that I would eat an entire package of cookies in one day. 351 more words

Blueberry Muffin


I decided to have an experiment with some Christmas treats this weekend and made a more festive version of rocky road, ‘snowy road’ which uses white chocolate instead of the usual milk chocolate.   288 more words


Black Forest rocky roads

You can’t beat a good rocky road…unless you make one with booze in it and then of course that wins!

These Black Cherries in Kirsch, another sample from Opies Foods, are good enough to eat on their own and I had to use all of my willpower not to eat them all while I was cooking! 402 more words


Dairy Milk: Oreo and Marvellous Creations

Welcome to what is the very last entry into Dairy Milk Month, as on December 1st, I’m having to paint the blog red and redecorate because  1,128 more words


Rocky Roads

Spending a weekend away in Walhalla proved more heavenly than I thought possible. Walhalla is a small town in Victoria, Australia. It started as a gold mining town with around 4,000 residents. 546 more words


Rocky Road

I can’t eat whole nuts, so I generally just don’t eat nuts at all because there’s a fine line between what I can eat and what will make me sick (I’m not anaphylactic, but it’s not pleasant).   407 more words