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Blagojevich calls out Illinois lawmakers for not working amid pandemic: 'Don't be wimps'

CHICAGO — Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich did not mince his words Thursday afternoon, calling out Illinois lawmakers for not working during the COVID-19 pandemic. 171 more words


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Blagojevich accused of ‘moral turpitude’ at hearing on his law license: “In a 90-minute hearing, attorneys for the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission took a three-member panel that will decide the status of Blagojevich’s license through his worst hits as governor, including his convictions for attempting to sell a U.S.

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The Unpardonable Occupant of our White House

On February 18, 2020, the current occupant of our White House, Donald Trump, granted clemency to eleven individuals who – except for two drug offenders – had been convicted of crimes involving fraud, bribery, tax evasion and other sorts of corruption. 1,133 more words


The Puzzle Is Coming Together

The /Mainstream Media are not being exposed every single day. They have no cover story and many are lashing out. All the exits are blocked. There is no place to hide. 324 more words

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All New Snarky Snippets

If ever there is a day that I don’t feel snarky about something, we’ll know that either a) the republicans are all out of office and sanity has been restored to our government, or… 1,034 more words

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