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by cheri block

Nineteen days after my 10th birthday, I hunkered down in our darkish den to watch the Twilight Zone. With me, were my eight-year-old brother Stevie and my four-year-old sister, Cindy. 385 more words


Rod Serling Revisited

An article I wrote for Literary Kicks a few years ago:

It’s common among “Beat Generation” aficionados to scorn the popular media version of the Beats, especially the term “beatnik”, and the stereotypical goatee-sporting hipster. 282 more words

Science Fiction

CSOTD 12/2/16: Lost in the Twilight Zone

During the past few months, I’ve been going through my collection of more than 2,000 Christmas CDs and at least as many 45s, assembling songs for personal Christmas mix CDs that reflect my wide tastes in Christmas music. 398 more words

Christmas Song Of The Day 2016

Movie Review - "Seven Days In May" (1964)

The whole reason I checked out this movie was because I noticed who wrote it – Rod Serling, the creator of “The Twilight Zone” and writer of the original “Planet of the Apes.” If you’ve watched enough of “The Twilight Zone,” you’d notice that Serling was a poltically-charged man, but also played both sides. 565 more words


Fritz Weaver: "We Had Such Great Times In Those Days"

The Grim Reaper’s been busier than usual in 2016, alas. And recently, he caught up to someone that every Twilight Zone fan knows well: Fritz Weaver. 741 more words

Twilight Zone

Your Next Stop: The 5 Best Episodes of The Twilight Zone

When we discuss Twilight Zone episodes, we’re usually talking about our favourites — “The Howling Man”. Or the most famous — “Time Enough At Last”. Or the worst — “Hocus-Pocus and Frisby”. 4,286 more words

Rod Serling

Anthology – 028 – Mr. Bevis (The Twilight Zone S01E33) + The 27th Day (1957)



This week, Matt reviews episode 33 from The Twilight Zone’s first season: Mr. Bevis… 225 more words