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The Twilight Zone and the Genius of Rod Serling

As fall sets in and the leaves begin to change, the realization that the year 2016 will soon end. Each year on New Year’s Day, the Sci-Fi channel runs a marathon of ‘The Twilight Zone’, the science fiction series created by the legendary Rod Serling  (1924-1975).   956 more words

Night Gallery | Season 1, Episode 5

Night Gallery | Season One | Episode 5 | January 13, 1971

Segment One | Pamela’s Voice

Jonathan (John Astin) discovers that hell is certain… 303 more words


"The Arrival": A Twilight Zone Episode on Auto-Pilot

An airplane taxis down the runway, pulls up to its marker, and stops. Perfect landing.

Well, it would have been perfect if anyone, including a pilot, had been on board. 878 more words

Twilight Zone

41 days until Halloween: A celebration of The Twilight Zone... in gifs!

I’m not even going to lie.  I’ve been on a pretty wicked The Twilight Zone kick ever since doing some research on the Southern California Sorcerers… 78 more words

50 Days Of Halloween 2016

FIRST DRAFT: 30 Screenwriting Lessons From "The Twilight Zone" Creator Rod Serling

Source: First Draft: 30 Screenwriting Lessons From The Twilight Zone Creator Rod Serling

Here’s a stirring collection of wisdom from Rod Serling, and yes, you must read them in his episode-opening-narration voice to get the full impact. 26 more words

Rod Serling

The Twilight Zone (1959 to 1964 USA)

“Submitted for your approval…” A pint-sized, chain smoking man’s clenched teeth intro to a wonderfully hypnotic, thought-provoking and ‘never ceases to amaze’ total quality Drama/Sci-Fi anthology series. 602 more words