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Smile has all the features for which Doyle has become famous: razor-sharp dialogue, humour, evocation of childhood, but this is a novel unlike any he has written before. Born OTD 1958 Roddy Doyle.

When you finish the last page you will have been challenged to re-evaluate everything you think you remember so clearly. Just moved in to a new apartment, alone for the first time in years, Victor Forde goes every evening to Donnelly’s pub for a pint, a slow one. 122 more words


Novella a Day in May #23

Two Pints – Roddy Doyle (2012, 89 pages)

Two Pints is a series of conversations between two men who meet in a pub. Doyle has an excellent ear for dialogue and his first novel, … 308 more words


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In the mood for some emotionally difficult reading, which might make you think about life and provide a certain measure of catharsis or might just make you throw the book out the window like Bradley Cooper in… 511 more words

Doyle has become famous: the razor-sharp dialogue, the humour, the superb evocation of childhood - but this is a novel unlike any he has written before.

Smile is narrated by Victor Forde, who finds himself alone in middle age, seeking the solace of a pint in his new local, Donnelly’s pub. There he is interrupted in his reading by Fitzpatrick, who declares himself to be an old friend, although Victor is slow to remember him. 80 more words