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MDA Set to Host Annual Muscle Walk of Cincinnati


Contact:         Jennie King
                        Executive Director

Small Steps Fund Powerful Progress; Fight Back Against
Muscle Disease at Annual MDA Muscle Walk of Cincinnati…
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In Charge of Content Marketing? Or, Need a Firm to Help? News you can use from the pros.

Content Marketers: How Do You Get To Know Your Audience?

By Shana Pilewski on February 9, 2015

Content marketing is only successful if the content you’re creating is meeting the needs of your audience. 106 more words

Post Ad Super Bowl Thoughts, Winners & Losers, and Some Thoughts

What did you think of the Super Bowl? Great game, right? Well, if you’re like me in the advertising and marketing business, I watch the ads with a keen eye for brand, messaging and good old fashioned gut checks like “do you think that will work?”. 537 more words

Data is Critical. Understanding How to Use Data is Divine

Data Driven Marketing Drives Insights, Strategies & Tactics

By Rodger Roeser

Using data is nothing new in the advertising and marketing game. It’s been around since the dawn of time when we had to look at who we were trying to persuade and what mediums we were using to persuade them. 935 more words

Great article on some tips when looking to a hire a PR Firm

So, you’re thinking it’s time to hire a PR firm?

Great, I can help! I have hired 6 or 7 (and fired a few).

While the process might seem simple, in truth it is hard to do well. 155 more words

Leadership In Crisis: Need PR/Communications Counsel More than Ever

Leadership Crisis in Focus: Employee Trust and Confidence in U.S. Corporate Leaders Improves Slightly in Last 4 Years—But Only Half Think Leaders are Effective, New Research Finds… 91 more words