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Ethyl, Bill and Ritzanna Rodgers with Sister Ednah Lewis - 1910

My great aunt, Anna L . Faulkner Tweddell,  had two daughters, Ethyl and Ednah.  They married in Stevensville, Montana on the same evening in 1908, and Ethyl had two children, the first Ritzanna Rodgers pictured above as a baby, being held by her dad, Bill Rodgers.  133 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - Golfing Analyst Knows the Thrill and Agony of Wisconsin’s Season

Andy North, a two-time United States Open champion, delayed his arrival at the Masters to watch the Badgers’ bitter ending against Duke.. via NYT Sports http://ift.tt/1FzzYb3


The Road To Hell: A Sheep In Libertarian Clothing

One reason I struggle with being called a libertarian is that the name occasionally has been associated with rabid fundamentalists who want to strip human society down to its kickers and set us to playing gym period murder-ball against each other, each man for himself, while holding their own agenda of restriction based on race, sexual orientation, and “family values.” Take the Koch brothers, who contribute heavily to libertarian causes and Reason magazine (1) and at the same time support right wing politicians like Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and other tea party members and their anti-gay legislation. 995 more words


Brendan Rodgers: We Might Have A Hard Time Getting Players

After their 4-1 loss against Arsenal over the weekend, and with the controversy over Raheem Sterling still looming in the background, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says that his team will probably have a hard time getting top players during this summer’s transfer season. 34 more words

Brendan Rodgers Denies Rift With Players

After his side lost 4-1 to Arsenal during the weekend matches, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers allayed rumors of a locker room crisis going on between him and his players. 45 more words

Brendan Rodgers Slams Sterling Advisers

After Raheem Sterlng’s much publicized interview regarding his contract dispute, Liverpool team manager Brendan Rodgers comes out and criticizes the winger’s advisers for the unsanctioned move. 46 more words

Arsenal 4 Liverpool 1 - glad Arsenal took their foot off the gas

So, where do we start? Well, as always, let’s start with the referee. I thought Anthony Taylor had a reasonable game, but as usual, we have ridiculous inconsistency. 822 more words