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Was Elliot Rodgers Misunderstood, and Was The Isla Vista massacre preventable?


In September 2012, Rodger visited a shooting range to train himself in firing handguns. In November 2012, he purchased his first handgun, a Glock 34 pistol, in Goleta, after doing research on handguns. 1,355 more words


Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady

Should Aaron Rodgers be considered one of, if not the greatest Quarterbacks in NFL history even though he only has 1 ring? Is he better than New England Patriots great, the future 1st ballot Hall of Fame’er, Tom Brady? 722 more words


I Enjoy Being a Girl (A Feminist's Revision)

Taking a small breather to find some humor this week.  Won’t you press play and join along?

The Singer and the Actor can be Friends: "Oklahoma!" Defines a Genre

I would not be an educated, card carrying, musical enthusiast if I didn’t start my journey through the cannon with Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!. 1,574 more words