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Some Of My Favorite Funny Movie Clips

Today’s post is just a nonsensical look at some of my favorite funny movie clips.

I’ve watched a lot of comedies and so called comedies over the years and here are some of the clips that still buzz around in my head. 340 more words


The Healing Power Of Comedy.

I have mental health issues. I am also a comedian.

People have asked in the past, and the odd present, how do I cope with being a comedian and having mental health issues? 325 more words


Chat: (v) to talk in a friendly and informal way.

To me, “chat” always seemed like a shortened version of another word. But it isn’t. I thought maybe it was short for “Chatterley.” But that was some lady with a lover. 212 more words

C Words

Thursday October 5, 2017

Where realism often prompts sympathy, fantasy often prompts empathy: full, emotionally immersive engagement. Is it still possible, though, to construct aesthetic foundations for empathy across current divides in American society? 279 more words

Easy Money

Tom Noonan fondles the J&B…

…before crawling over the bar.

Now the party starts.

Everyone sure is keeping an eye on that J&B pour.


Skäggkast #175: Ingen respekt!

Hannes och Carl från Loch Ness tittar förbi för att spela lite spel.

En gång i tiden fick någon för sig att komikern Rodney Dangerfield behövde ett brädspel. 144 more words


Mailbag Monday, Answered!

Awhile back I posted a “Mailbag Monday” entry on the blog’s Facebook page, asking readers to shoot me questions or topics they wanted me to touch upon. 1,786 more words

Much Ado About Nothing