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The End of Facebook…

…is about as likely as the end of radio. I’m sure I got your attention with that headline. But you might be surprised to learn that Facebook and radio have a lot more in common than you ever gave much thought to. 917 more words


The definitive Caddyshack interview, featuring Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield at their best and most awkward, is a must see

With the Kristen Stewarts and Jesse Eisenbergs of the world, we all know press junkets can be pretty damn awkward, given stiff chemistry between interviewer and interviewee. 133 more words


A Look Back: "Back to School"

I remember when I saw the movie “Accepted,” thinking it could be described as “Back to School” meets “Camp Nowhere.” Now looking back, “Accepted” seems very dated, and “Back to School” seems positively antediluvian. 543 more words

Movie Reviews

Ep 134 - A Conversation with Writer/Director Roy Frumkes

Greetings, Evil Geeks! In today’s episode C-Mart, Paulo Pinta, Phil Sawyer, and Undies of Wondy sit down with writer and director Roy Frumkes. Roy is the creator of The Substitute movie series, the writer of  the horror comedy film Street Trash, and director of Document of the Dead. 63 more words

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Death of The Comedians

Comedy is the Rodney Dangerfield of all film/TV genres: it gets no respect. Award shows, critics, social media all seem to prefer the portrayal of darker matters of the human nature. 246 more words

Classic Movies

A formal shout-out to Spaulding, the true hero of "Caddyshack" (1980)

Who’s the best character in “Caddyshack”?  Yes, I know many out there will cite Rodney Dangerfield’s Czervik, Bill Murray’s Carl, Chevy Chase’s Ty, or … as some contrarians might say … Ted Knight’s Judge Smails … as the best character in the classic 1980 film comedy “Caddyshack.”  But in my opinion, Smails’s obnoxious grandson Spaulding is the s–t!  130 more words


Scott Bordow wraps up a week on a prep football tour

A few years ago, as I was about to embark on my first summer trip to rural football programs around the state, someone asked me why I would spend a week on the road writing about teams no one outside the Valley cared about. 282 more words