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Rodney Hide on media influence in climate change debate — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Rodney Hide discusses the media influence in climate change debate at NBR: Here’s the New Zealand Herald’s science reporter Jamie Morton describing climate change: “It’s the biggest threat and challenge facing the planet.” Here’s Fairfax’s environment reporter Charlie Mitchell: “I think climate change is inherently apocalyptic.” Here is commenting on his reporting: “If it pressures…

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Rodney Hide on Twyford’s housing plans — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

Rodney Hide writes at NBR: In 2008 President Obama declared future generations would view his election as “the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” Well, he came and went and neither Neptune nor Gaia noticed.

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Electorate accommodation could backfire on both parties

Is an electorate accommodation on offer in an effort to woo Winston Peters?

Many commentators think this will be his last term. That has been said    before and while each time it’s said he’s a bit older, there’s no certainty he’ll be any keener on retirement in 2020 than he has been before. 362 more words


Labour policy protects big multinational hits small locals

Water bottlers fear they’ll be put out of business if Labour’s water tax is applied:

Charging water exporters a per litre levy will penalise a small, struggling New Zealand industry and lead to company closures and job losses, say two Putaruru water bottlers. 949 more words


Hide on Turei — Kiwiblog

Rodney Hide writes: Sadly, there’s a big chunk of voters who think they’re entitled to live off the work of others. They see it as government’s job to make that happen.

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Was not naming father fraud too?

Metiria Turei admitted she didn’t admit to having flatmates in order to collect a bigger benefit payment.

Rodney Hide at the NBR and Whaleoil have past quotes which show she didn’t name the baby’s father when she not only knew who he was but ensured he maintained a relationship with his daughter and took money from him and his family. 150 more words


Some humour in politics — Your NZ

Sorry Rodney, this is sad, but it’s also funny. As a former leader of the Act Party I am expert on poor polls and being written off ahead of every election.

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