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Flying the Red-Green Banner of Resistance

May 31st was the day that many in the Labour and Green parties had so earnestly wanted to see – a formal declaration… 2,449 more words

The Body Politic

Land tax slammed but...

Rodney Hide slams the land tax idea floated by John Key this week so that he appears to be thinking about maybe doing something about escalating property prices in… 989 more words


Hide: "Niue deal squeaky clean"

Rodney Hide writes in the Herald that Niue deal squeaky clean.

He acknowledges that he has known the Hagamans for two decades.

I should say at the outset that I have known Earl Hagaman and his wife Lani for 20 years, that I greatly admire them for their business success, what they provide New Zealand, their philanthropy and their integrity.

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Radio Live Panel: 14 February 2016

Listen to my Radio Live panel with Heather du Plessis-Allan and Rodney Hide. We talk about whether police should pursue suspects fleeing in vehicles; whether New Zealand cricket crowds… 38 more words


Bill Gates is not a poster boy for capitalism, sorry Mr Hide


In a recent opinion piece for the NZ Herald Rodney Hide lauds Bill Gates as someone who has enriched the world. It’s all part of that old ‘if the rich get richer so do we all’ lie of trickle down economics. 220 more words


Who is the left's Rodney Hide?

I had some thoughts on Rodney Hide’s latest column in the Herald on Sunday:

He literally says you can tell the landlord is good & hardworking bc he has money.

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Rodney Hide on MP time limits and career MPs

In an NBR column Rodney Hide has suggested MPs should be limited to four terms in Parliament – that’s twelve years – and criticised ‘professionals politicians’. 217 more words