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Rodney Hide on Auckland: Let it grow

Stop restraining Auckland from what it wants to be, writes Rodney Auckland is a great city that could be the greatest. All it needs is to be allowed to breathe and to grow.

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Hide: environmental rights are a recipe for arbitrary judicial power

Rodney Hide dissects Sir Geoffrey Palmer’s new idea The latest policy product on offer from Sir Geoffrey Palmer is “environmental rights” with the kicker that judges could strike out any law breaching the rights.

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Rodney Hide lambasts the Waitangi Tribunal

Rodney Hide gets stuck into the Waitangi Tribunal: The total stupidity of the Waitangi Tribunal was fully on display last week. I refer, of course, to the finding that Maori reoffending is a Treaty of Waitangi breach.

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The problem with tribalism and government encouragement of the same

Rodney Hide highlights the problems successive governments have with enabling the treaty settlement process with iwi. The approach by successive governments to Maori economic development is a triumph of hope over understanding and experience.

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Rodney has a point, even if he uses Jacinda to make it

Rodney Hide has a good point, even if he had to use Jacinda Ardern to make it. Loo-gate provided new Labour deputy leader Jacinda Ardern an opportunity to stand for something and win some votes.

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Hide on Little’s stinker week

Rodney Hide looks at Andrew Little’s stinker week: Spare a thought for Labour Leader Andrew Little. His week’s been a stinker. It started well. The pundits had been reporting a “good vibe”.

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Rodney Hide on the opportunity cost of compulsory te reo

Rodney Hide writes: I would love to be able to speak te reo fluently. I would also like to play the violin, solve Einstein’s field equations and run a sub-three hour marathon.

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