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Hide: "Never been a successful privilege claim of misleading the House"

Rodney Hide, in response to a post on Grant Robertson’s breach of privilege complaint against John Key, says:

To the best of my knowledge in the history of the Westminster system there has never been a successful privilege claim of misleading the House in any commonwealth jurisdiction.

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John Key

Quote of the day

. . . It’s not Craig’s inappropriate behaviour, whatever it was, that’s the problem.

It’s everything else.

A man that desperate to have a party that will have him, and give him power, is a man who should never have it. 11 more words


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Rodney Hide: They're all after me, man...

The state apparently has me under covert investigation.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I was followed home by some guy in a long coat and dark glasses. 299 more words


Hide on Peters and Northland

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Hide on Sabin and National's corrosive conflict of interest

In his Weekend Herald column Rodney Hide writes of National’s ability to shut up and bury “a corrosive conflict of interest” with regards ex-MP Mike Sabin. 275 more words