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Bill Gates is not a poster boy for capitalism, sorry Mr Hide


In a recent opinion piece for the NZ Herald Rodney Hide lauds Bill Gates as someone who has enriched the world. It’s all part of that old ‘if the rich get richer so do we all’ lie of trickle down economics. 220 more words


Who is the left's Rodney Hide?

I had some thoughts on Rodney Hide’s latest column in the Herald on Sunday:

He literally says you can tell the landlord is good & hardworking bc he has money.

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Rodney Hide on MP time limits and career MPs

In an NBR column Rodney Hide has suggested MPs should be limited to four terms in Parliament – that’s twelve years – and criticised ‘professionals politicians’. 217 more words


From a Parallel Universe #25

It would appear that there are some weird and wonderful people reading Rodney Hide’s column in the HoS today, for example this comment:-

Yeah, nice one Rodney.

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Quotation for Today - Sunday 11 October

Rodney Hide in Herald writing about Jane Kelsey and TPP:

The Marxist view of the world is twisted and false. It persists only in Western countries that have never experienced Marxist dogma in action and even then only in the universities where there is no consequence in being wrong and where political activism is propped up by the economic system Kelsey so despises.


Hide on Judith Collins' leadership bid

Rodney Hide’s Sunday Herald column is on Judith Collins making a bid from the backbench for leadership of National – Crusher throwing her hat in the ring. 217 more words


Rodney Hide defends Williamson

In his Sunday column Rodney Hide has defended Maurice Williamson – but he doesn’t know what Williamnson did or said that offended attendees at an IT conference that prompted the organisers and Williamsoj to apologise. 607 more words