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Fun Fact #1

I enjoy photography and always have. Nature is my favorite to photograph.


Eve Answers

What’s the most annoying question that people ask you?

How tall are you? I always answer … Taller than you. Lol

Or the most annoying statement people make is… 23 more words


Word Wednesday




noun: ailurophile; plural noun: ailurophiles

; plural noun: ailurophiles

  1. a cat lover.

    She was an ailurophile, housing 20 cats at a time.


Here's to New Birth

It is the first day of Spring with the Equinox at 11 am. I feel it in the air. The pollen falling, coating everything a greenish yellow. 385 more words


Late Post

Taken aback by depression leaves me in a stressed state of mind. Being able to relax my mind has never come easy and on the rare occasion that I am able to, I enjoy it immensely. 235 more words