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ROF Bridgend No 2 (JF 22888)

My previous three posts (1) (2) (3) about the Royal Ordnance Factory at Bridgend and the locomotives they used have been very popular. 208 more words


Bridgend ROF locomotives (1)

My recent post about the small surviving section of railway track at the former Bridgend ROF depot has been very popular with many views. In this first sequel I shall attempt to follow the timelines of the locomotives that have operated at the Tremains and Brackla Hill depots. 846 more words


Bridgend ROF railway remains

Some weeks ago, on one of the social-media groups to which I belong, a photograph was posted of a short section of surviving railway track from the once-vast system at the former Royal Ordnance Factory in Bridgend. 271 more words


listening to this now... detroit playlist

who am i kidding?

i’ve been listening to these songs for the past two months straight, not just now. they aren’t for everyone.  which is just how i like it.   214 more words



On Saturday 10th March 1945, seventy years ago today at around 10.00pm, the greatest escape of internees from a British prisoner-of-war camp started to take place from Island Farm camp near Bridgend in South Wales when 70 German prisoners managed to tunnel their way to freedom. 617 more words


Opinion Friday's; The Styles Clash

A long time ago my hometown, Gainesville Ga., used to be a pretty big wrestling area with NWA Georgia. One of the most famous wrestlers that emerged from this area was a man by the name of Allen Jones or AJ Styles. 709 more words


best flank steak recipe

need a “go to” steak recipe?  this is it.

i call it the “girlfriend steak dinner” because it’s what ROF served his girlfriends if they made it to date #4.   271 more words