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Great Reviews Of Movies I Have Never Seen: A Reading List

Sara Benincasa is a quadruple threat: she writes, she acts, she’s funny, and she has truly exceptional hair. She also reads, a lot, and joins us to share some of her favorite stories (and some of her friends’ favorites, too).  1,889 more words

Reading List

One False Move (1992) review- It sounded better on paper

After suffering through trash like You Got Served, I was pretty excited to pop in Carl Franklin’s One False Move.

Not only is this gritty crime drama a radical departure from anything I’ve looked at so far, but the behind-the-scenes details relating to its production and release is a real heartwarming… 979 more words

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Roger Ebert's Great Movies #4: The Seventh Seal

“Films are no longer concerned with the silence of God but with the chattering of men.” I found this to be Ebert’s most poignant thought from his review on ‘The Seventh Seal’. 568 more words


The master of time

I saw Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah for the first time seven years ago at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. Those ten hours amounted to one of the most memorable moviegoing experiences of my life, and Lanzmann, … 1,212 more words


Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.
~ Roger Ebert

“The problem with being sure that God is on your side is that you can’t change your mind, because God sure isn’t going to change His.”

—Roger Ebert, film-critic (18 Jun 1942-2013).

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Top 100 Movie Review: #96 - The Searchers (1956)

Beautiful Vistas Paired with Man-Made Caricatures

This movie combines the awe-inspiring nature of the west with mostly inorganic and stale characters leaving me wondering: can setting alone carry a movie? 881 more words

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