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Two Scenes From the Campaign Trail

We spent much of Thursday celebrating the folks’ 60th wedding anniversary, which is such a rare accomplishment these days that we thought it worth mentioning, but we spent enough time perusing our usual news sources to come across two intriguing and starkly disparate accounts from the day in the still-slightly-in-doubt Republican presidential race. 667 more words


Is Trump Right?

One of the hallmarks of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is his insistence that the United States made terrible trade deals with foreign countries, resulting in significant domestic job losses, and that he — or his fabulous friends (hello, Carl Icahn!) — would fix those deals and make better, indeed “great,” ones.   225 more words


Politics For Dummies

Donald Trump made more unforced errors in the last two weeks than I have ever seen a candidate make, certainly at the presidential level. Two weeks ago the New York businessman was riding high. 272 more words



That Donald Trump and the GOP establishment have not been getting along may be the understatement of the year. George Will — a respected writer and intellectual leader of that establishment — is one of the many suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome who often misconstrue or seem to almost deliberately misrepresent what Trump is saying. 229 more words


"Get a Life!"

Ted Cruz won a couple of states, including his Texas home, Marco Rubio scored a victory in Minnesota and came close in Virginia, and even John Kasich challenged in Vermont, but there is no question that Donald Trump was the big winner on Super Tuesday on the Republican side. 264 more words


Obama's Islamophobia

Roger L. Simon dumps on Obama over his coddling of Muslims (with good reason I think).

Barack Obama suffers from serious case of the real Islamophobia — …

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Apology Land

What a strange place the USA has become. Everybody is expected to apologize (indeed, the Democrat news media frequently demands it) for whatever they may say in public that isn’t PC or pleasing to some group or another. 56 more words

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