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Did Adolf Hitler have “mental health issues”?

I would like to think so, because to regard Der Furher as normal would be a terrifying commentary on the human race and likely mean it would never have survived. 106 more words



Ed: Note:  James Comey did not get where he is by being stupid.  I take that as a “given” so why did he use this approach?  

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In the wake of Orlando, the topic of profiling has come up again via Donald Trump and others. Given the horrific extent of the massacre, this is highly understandable, even though profiling has always struck me as an ironic subject for an obvious reasons: … 352 more words


Stating The Obvious

Oh, the vapors, the vapors… Donald Trump, while detailing his veteran donations at a news conference, thoroughly dissed the press and called a reporter “sleazy.”  (Hillary Clinton, it’s worth noting, doesn’t do that.   282 more words


Advice: Bankrupt UN

The courage to go after sacred cows is one of Donald Trump’s more appealing, if controversial, traits.   He raised the issue of NATO, contending the USA pays far too much of the freight in the mutual defense pact. 209 more words


"I never sold out before because nobody asked me."

“In all, it took around twenty minutes.”

O joy, o rapture, o bountiful Jehovah–the Moses Wine series by Roger L. Simon is now available in e. Load ’em up!


Two Scenes From the Campaign Trail

We spent much of Thursday celebrating the folks’ 60th wedding anniversary, which is such a rare accomplishment these days that we thought it worth mentioning, but we spent enough time perusing our usual news sources to come across two intriguing and starkly disparate accounts from the day in the still-slightly-in-doubt Republican presidential race. 667 more words