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Daily Video 2.20.15

What Happened To Ronald Reagan’s Hollywood?

Published on Feb 16, 2015

” The Hollywood red carpets were once home to Ronald Reagan and John Wayne, and they’re now the land of Matt Damon & Michael Moore.

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Daily Video

Obama’s Biggest Lie and What It Means

PJ Media, By Roger L Simon On February 8, 2015:

Unlike Nixon and Clinton, who lied in self-defense, Obama lies proactively, which is decidedly more dangerous.   649 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Israel's most dangerous enemy, indeed

That would be the community organizer-in-chief. Friend to terrorists and anti-Semites worldwide. Master of the idiot Lurch, slanderer of a generation of Vietnam veterans as “baby killers.” 191 more words


Israel: Defender of the West

“Obama, Kerry and the rest of the flaccid moral narcissists who govern our country or the creepy disingenuous bureaucrats who represent ‘the international community’ obviously don’t have the gumption to do it – or even the inclination… a rapidly metastasizing global phenomenon, replete with beheadings and crucifixions, that is unlikely to end and may only be at its beginning unless someone puts a genuine stop to it.” 72 more words


The Silence Of the Liberals

Not surprisingly, liberals are beginning to second guess their policies in light of President Obama’s dismal failures on the economic front and his disastrous performance in foreign policy. 117 more words

Bureaucrats Run Amok

The Silence of the Liberals

Am I the only one or have you noticed your liberal friends and family have been strangely silent lately? I tweeted as much Friday and, given the number of retweets in a matter of minutes, I gather I am not alone. 715 more words

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