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Haight Street Art Center - The Art of Consciousness

The Haight Street Art Center, with 7,000 square feet of gallery exhibition space, is one of the largest galleries devoted to poster art in the United States.  214 more words

Poster Art

Zuckerberg Mentor: We Can’t Leave It to Audiences to Decide What Is Fake News

Yeah but we are still a lot smarter than you, so we will will decide what is truth. After all, we know more about you than you do. 136 more words

Apple CEO Cook ramps up pressure on Facebook, calls for more regulations on data privacy

”Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook has called for stronger privacy regulations that prevent the misuse of data in the light of the controversial leak of Facebook user information,” Bloomberg News reports. 891 more words


Steve Jobs tried to warn Mark Zuckerberg about privacy in 2010

”Facebook’s executives have spent much of the past week dealing with the fallout of reports claiming millions of its users had their data harvested from a quiz app without their consent,” Mike Murphy writes for Quartz. 717 more words


Facebook has gotten too big, too powerful, too influential for Mark Zuckerberg to handle

”Mark Zuckerberg is not comfortable with the enormous influence he has over the world,” Seth Fiegerman writes for CNNMoney. “During his apology tour this week for the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Zuckerberg lent support to the idea of regulating Facebook and admitted he’d rather not be the person making content policy decisions for the world. 875 more words


"I'm afraid there is a systemic problem with the algorithms and the business model of Facebook that allow bad actors to cause harm to innocent users of Facebook."


© AFP/File | Quitting Facebook is not always easy because of the way the social network is intertwined into the fabric of the internet… 806 more words

Facebook Has "Weaponized” the First Amendment, Allowed Nazi-Like Propaganda


 NOVEMBER 13, 2017 10:54

He added that the company had “weaponized” the First Amendment to “essentially absolve themselves of responsibility.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seen on stage during a town hall at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California September 27, 2015.. 350 more words