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Project Bond: A View To A Kill

I was quite ready to say goodbye to Roger Moore, you’ll be surprised to learn, but I would not be allowed to do so before being subjected to another pointless skiing scene. 277 more words


Project Bond: Octopussy

We open on Bond wearing a false moustache and dressed like a communist at a show-jumping event, where there is an unnamed bearded cigar-smoking chap dressed like a communist. 459 more words


Another View (to a Kill): Roger Moore’s farewell

By Nicolás Suszczyk, Guest Writer
Three decades have passed since Roger Moore bid farewell to the role of James Bond with A View to a Kill, directed by John Glen. 807 more words

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Project Bond: For Your Eyes Only

The tone was set early on with an opening scene that definitely does not feature Ernst Stavro Blofeld. It does, however, feature a bald villain in a wheelchair with a white cat, and he doesn’t relate to the plot of the rest of the film at all. 362 more words


Project Bond: Moonraker

This film doesn’t mess around, opening as it does with Bond being abandoned on a doomed plane for some reason, until The Man With The Metal Mouth reappears for some reason and pushes him out, so Bond has to catch up with the chap who abandoned him for some reason (which is possible because of science reasons) and beat him up and take his parachute. 426 more words


Project Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me

This might be Alan’s favourite, but I was pretty underwhelmed, it’s fair to say. There were a lot of familiar Bond elements (a reclusive hateful villain who is overly fond of sharks, a love interest of variable allegiance, so-bad-they’re-good one liners, a naked woman walking along the top of a gun, etc.), and very few new ideas, which showed. 257 more words


Project Bond: The Man With The Golden Gun

I much preferred this outing to Roger Moore’s debut, although that is less to do with the man himself than it is to down to the script and the quite simply villainous villain. 349 more words