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My name is Bond, Jane Bond

Najprawdopodobniej Craiga już więcej nie zobaczymy w roli agenta angielskich służb. Ale to wcale nie oznacza końca dla filmów z 007 – po odejściu Seana Connery, uznawanego za najlepszego i jedynego też wydawało się że nikt go godnie nie zastąpi, a jednak filmy są kręcone z dłuższymi lub krótszymi przerwami od lat 60 ubiegłego wieku, więc pewnie teraz też znajdzie się odpowiedni aktor do głównej roli. 1,059 more words

James Bond : Ένας ρόλος, πολλοί μνηστήρες!

Ο James Bond είναι η Πηνελόπη του Hollywood υπό την έννοια ότι ανά πάσα στιγμή υπάρχουν 40 ηθοποιοί που γυροφέρνουν τον ρόλο. Εντάξει ίσως όχι 40 αλλά οι 5-10 πιο δημοφιλείς Βρετανοί ηθοποιοί της κάθε δεκαετίας ακούγονται πάντα ως 129 more words


The Stony ..... make that the Tony Curtis Poster Gallery

I for one like Tony Curtis on screen during his leading man era. He had a fun, likable presence in many a bedroom romp. Flicks like Operation Petticoat were regular Sunday afternoon fare as was Some Like It Hot. 347 more words


Moore speaks up on behalf of Craig

Seven-time 007 Roger Moore, as he has done in the past, spoke up on behalf of actor Daniel Craig.

Moore put out a post on his twitter account on Friday, apparently referring to a… 133 more words

James Bond Films

Moonraker AKA James Bond vs Space.

1) Cold Opening: James Bond is flying the not-so-friendly skies, putting the moves on a sexy stewardess, when SURPRISE, Bond is about to die, not only because the woman prefers flight attendant, but because she’s also a bad guy.007 is told at gunpoint by the male flight attendant, who prefers Stew, that he’s going down with the plane. 1,413 more words

James Bond

The Spy Who Loved Me AKA James Bond vs Ringo Starr’s Wife

1) Cold Opening: We start on just another boring day in the life of a submarine commando, sitting pretty at the bottom of the sea, possibly in an octopus’ garden in the shade. 1,260 more words

James Bond


Nose down.

The Saint woke

nose down in a wood:

in a

a vast, dank wood.

Beeches & brambles.

He got up,

raised a knowing eyebrow, 12 more words


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