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Roger Moore made a sexist joke about the fact that his hearing is failing

Roger Moore is no longer able to hear without his hearing aid, and decided to make a sexist comment about it.

But the actor, famous for playing James Bond in such films as For Your Eyes Only and A View To A Kill, made a typically misogynistic quip 007 would be proud of, … 345 more words


Daniel Craig Is He Done Playing James Bond?

The name is Bond, James Bond and after Spectre, everyone’s favorite British spy, Craig may very well be ready to walk away. 991 more words


Top 5 James Bond Movies

There are differing views about which James Bond actor is the best and which movies rock the most. The best 007 actor for die-hard fanatics of the series is without a doubt Sean Connery, which explains the choice of mostly the older James Bond movies in this review. 182 more words


His Name is Bond, James Bond #2: The Actors

Greetings, and welcome back to another Bond post! Happy October, everybody! As we quickly approach Halloween, the Critic, that is, me, grows increasingly apprehensive about watching horror to review for this month. 1,768 more words

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Knights of the Round Table had been secretly revived to protect the world from evil-doers? No? Well, neither have the creators of… 726 more words


For Your Eyes Only (1981) Review

This article is a ‘flashback’ review where we look back on a movie from the past and give our take on it. We hope you enjoy this review. 655 more words


Spectre - Final Trailer

I like this trailer a lot.  What I like about the Roger Moore Bond movies was their sense of scale.  Sure, many of them are sort of silly, but the villains tended to be larger-than-life, as were their schemes. 92 more words