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We should treat with indulgence every human folly, failing, and vice, bearing in mind that what we have before us are simply our own failings, follies, and vices. 2,039 more words

Roger W. Smith

thoughts about Elvis

“Detest bad music, but do not despite it. As it is played, and especially sung, much more passionately than good music, it has much more than the latter been impregnated, little by little, with man’s tears. 1,012 more words

Roger W. Smith

a scholarly putdown

A friend told me a story the other day.

He was given the assignment of writing a poem as a sophomore in high school.

His teacher handed it back to him the next day and made the following comment: “Mr. 51 more words

Roger W. Smith

“how about leaving the past alone?”


“Yale Drops Slavery Proponent Calhoun From College Name”

The New York Times

February 11, 2017

The article indicates that on February 11, Yale University announced — after years of debate — that it would change the name of one its residential colleges named after former U.S. 499 more words

Roger W. Smith

a fleeting glimpse of Abraham Maslow

I had a cup of coffee with Student Religious Liberals (SRL), an organization I belonged to briefly in the mid-1960’s while attending Brandeis University.

“Cup of coffee” is baseball lingo for a short time spent by a minor league player at the major league level. 245 more words

Roger W. Smith

post mortem thoughts on the election

Some post mortem thoughts of mine on the election, based on an email exchange with a friend over the past few days.


I am fundamentally apolitical, although I follow politics pretty closely. 211 more words

Roger W. Smith