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Roger W. Smith, "My Treasured Books"

An acquaintance asked me the other day what were some of my favorite, most treasured books. This spurred me on to make an “inventory,” as it were. 2,313 more words

Roger W. Smith

Roger W. Smith, "Theodore Dreiser"

Theodore Dreiser (b. 27 August 1871 in Terre Haute, Indiana; d. 28 Dec 1945 in Los Angeles) was the eighth in a family of nine children. 2,684 more words

Roger W. Smith

Roger W. Smith, "On Listening to Music"

Once a visitor to our home, a man I didn’t know who was discussing music with my father, asked my father, a professional musician, “does he play too?” indicating me. 564 more words

Roger W. Smith

Roger W. Smith, "The Importance of Memory"

I am beginning, as I grow older, to be more aware of mortality.

I feel a compulsion to record and share things like memories that come to me all of a sudden, that often pop into my head through association when I am writing, or which occur to me when I am out walking. 252 more words

Roger W. Smith

"My Dogs Growing Up"

My first dog was Sugar, a mongrel, in fifth grade. We had a problem because Sugar was chasing and biting college students on bikes, so my parents took the dog back to the pound. 402 more words

Roger W. Smith

It's the Terror of Knowing What this World is About*

Any major change, especially a major social change, can make people uneasy. That uneasiness and anxiety – sociologists have called it anomie – can have drastic consequences. 1,395 more words

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On the Question of Writing as It Relates to Potentially Sensitive Material on This Blog

The entry I wrote about the experience at the conference was brief. But it could have been even more concise.

I could have simply said, “In 1962, I attended an international youth conference at Springfield College in Springfield, MA. 796 more words

Roger W. Smith