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Theodore Dreiser under the microscope (of a nutty professor or two)

For the American Literature Association (ALA) conference in San Francisco this coming May:

“Papers are invited on theoretical approaches to Dreiser’s canon and life. Some suggested approaches include Poststructuralism, Feminist Gender Theory, Material Culture, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophy (such as Foucault’s Technology of Self). 89 more words

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jargon (aka mumbo jumbo)

An element of a shared symbolic system which serves as a criterion or standard for selection among the alternatives orientation which are intrinsically open in a situation may be called a value …. 394 more words

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the snow shovelers

Our front doorbell just rang while I was busy on my computer. Somewhat annoyed, since it was the umpteenth time today (lots of Christmas deliveries), I trundled downstairs and answered the door. 603 more words

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Lincoln Center; the ruminations of a “genius”

I emailed the following comment to my wife last month: “Do you realize that you married a genius?”

Don’t worry, I said it in jest. Or at least half in jest. 1,585 more words

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the demise of Lord & Taylor

The following is an exchange of emails from today between me and the poet and essayist/writer Luanne Castle, host of the popular website (of which I am a fan) 714 more words

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crowd control on the Brooklyn Bridge

I read with dismay and consternation an article in the New York Times a day or two ago:

“Want Fewer Crowds on the Brooklyn Bridge? You’re Not Alone” 1,725 more words

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Mozart’s “Jupiter” live (thoughts inspired by)

Last night I saw a performance of Mozart’s symphony no. 41 in C Major (“Jupiter”) by the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

I dashed off my thoughts last night during intermission and on the subway and bus home. 510 more words

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