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"your last ride"

Three months ago, I took a one week trip by train to the Midwest to attend a cultural event in Milwaukee. I had never been to the Midwest before (except for a one day business trip). 331 more words

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"hope to die"

When we were kids, if one told another kid something, they might insist that you swear it was true.

You would put your hands over your heart and say: “Cross my heart and hope to die.” 59 more words

Roger W. Smith

PCCA's "Strange Magic" anthology is Sunbury Press bestseller for December

MECHANICSBURG, Pa.— Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for December. The short story anthology Strange Magic edited by Catherine Jordan took the top spot. Seinsoth by Steven K Wagner was runner up. 558 more words

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a colloquy regarding Vladimir Nabokov

At Elisabeth Vandermeer’s awesome site on Russian literature,


there was a post the other day about Dostoevsky.

The following is an exchange between myself and another respondent to the post, based on an observation I made about Vladimir Nabokov. 485 more words

Roger W. Smith

Recalling Another Saturday Night Dolphins/Jets Tilt, with Ann Margaret "Worrying" About Joe Namath

Unlike regarding so much of what is on the air, I try to check my facts before putting them on these posts.

I know it was a Saturday night game and am ALMOST certain, it was the game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, that I researched to have been on October 10, 1970, at which I remember the great and beautiful Ann Margaret, being interviewed or at least talking with Merle Harmon, about Joe Namath. 364 more words

The new Devon Flora

On Wednesday evening I attended the launch of A New Flora for Devon. This new 842 page book is the culmination of 12 years work and contains over 1 million records. 108 more words

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