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Rogue Spirits Drinks (RED) to #86AIDS

Throughout June, Rogue Ales and Spirits turns RED as we raise money and awareness for the fight against AIDS. The disease was discovered 29 years ago – June of 1981.  278 more words

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Hive Splitting: Growing Our Honeybees

Part Two in our series, Beekeeping 101.

Honeybee populations naturally rise and fall with the seasons, peaking in summer and bottoming out in winter. 547 more words

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Beer And Spirits Begin In The Dirt

Please indulge us for a moment as we show off some photos of our new “babies.” The planting season at Rogue Farms is almost over and the growing season has just started. 245 more words

Rogue Farms Independence

From Berries, To Bees, To Braggot

It’s back in the dirt here at Rogue Farms. We just finished planting this year’s crop of marionberries.

It’s our biggest berry patch yet; two acres, 1602 starters, all planted by hand. 420 more words

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During Craft Beer Week, Celebrate With Booze

Pretty much everywhere you turn these days, craft beer fans are celebrating American Craft Beer Week.

So are we at Rogue Spirits, but not in the way you might think. 272 more words

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Catch Em In The Rye

We’re declaring victory in the War On Slugs.

You may remember that we lost most of our Rogue Farms Dream Rye to slugs a few months back. 261 more words

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Summer Hours Begin At Rogue Farms

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day with two big events at Rogue Farms this weekend!

First, its our new summer schedule. Rogue Farms and the Chatoe Rogue are now open daily with extended hours on the weekend. 234 more words

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