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10 Preposterous Examples That Orwell's 1984 Police State Is Alive & Well

TheBreakaway | BreakawayConciousness
Zy Marquiez
March 24, 2017

There has been an undercurrent of corruption growing in certain sections of Big Government.  Even Orwell might be shocked by such government overreach. 794 more words


Why The Investigation Of The Murder of Toni Anderson By Rogue NKCPD Cops Will Continue

Listen to the program at your convenience. Best program of the 3 but the other 2 cover information not in this one. Please share your comments in comments on this blog. 8 more words

The Coming Toni Anderson Autopsy Report Will Be Fabricated To Protect Her Murderers

Rescheduling radio program about Toni Anderson being murdered by TWO North Kansas City Police Officers AKA Domestic Terrorists on Saturday 3/18  9-11 Central Time

“Boyden Report Radio” BLOG TALK RADIO… 882 more words

Toni Anderson's Boyfriend Pete Sanchez Jr. Does NOT Believe NKCPD/KCPD "Story"

I am going to share a few things about Pete Sanchez Jr. and his beloved Toni Anderson who was MURDERED by North Kansas City Police Officers as shared in my blog. 336 more words

NKCPD Officers Violently Assault A Woman's Daughter and Murder Innocent Dog


“It’s just too easy for someone to get rid of a car, it’s 24/7 all access and there’s no gate covering it,” 353 more words

The Trust (2016, dir. Alex Brewer & Benjamin Brewer)

Vegas, present day. Mismatched burnout cops Cage and Wood plan a heist on a mob-controlled safe house. Smart little black comedy thriller with a focus on character rather than action. 12 more words

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