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Training Our Hops

In a previous post we showed folks how we string and stake our hopyard, one of the most important chores at Rogue Farms.

The next step in the journey from bine to brew is training our hops to climb the strings. 315 more words

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Thanks To All Who DIY

We love it when people get their hands dirty. When they scrape their knees in the soil planting a garden or mess up their kitchen making a batch of cheese. 201 more words

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The Start Of Planting Season

The Rogue Farms planting season began this week as we seeded five acres of Wigrich Corn, a yellow dent variety we’re growing for Brewmaster John Maier to mash into Rogue’s first ever batch of bourbon. 290 more words

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How To Grow Your Own Bees

DIY Workshop: Beekeeping

Saturday, April 25th @ 2pm
Free and open to all ages

All over America, people are learning to appreciate honeybees and everything they do to help us grow a healthy and diverse supply of food. 91 more words

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A Road Trip To Rogue Farms

Join the gang at the Brewing Network as they tour Rogue Farms, meet Brewmaster John Maier, and discover what could be a medieval torture device.

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How We Grow Spice For Our Beer And Whiskey

A few miles from here, this year’s crop of Rogue Farms jalapeños is just getting started. 330 more words

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Welcome Back Honeybees

That buzz you hear on the drive into Rogue Farms is the sound of our 7,140,289 honeybees back from their working vacation.

They spent winter pollinating an almond orchard near Tracy, California. 297 more words

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