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Kerry: Iran Deal is Best Available


The best deal is NO DEAL.

u-bam-a’s lap dog is spewing out propaganda, as usual.

Trying to create a legacy for the muslin jihadist. 47 more words


Jihadist u-bam-a in Action

u-bam-a says, “No Iran deal means¬† war.”

He is framing the congressional vote on lifting sanctions on Iran as either a vote for war or peace. 106 more words


u-bam-a's Lapdog Still Whining

Kerry told U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday he wanted to set the record straight on the Iran nuclear deal and equated walking away from the agreement to giving Tehran a fast track to a nuclear weapon. 77 more words


South Africa is Part of the Extraordinary League of Supervillains!

…Or at least we could be, if we continue with our current behaviour. I have not-so-fond memories of being thrown out of the classroom in both primary and high-school for being a prat… on numerous occasions, and the executive may feel as embarrassed now as I felt then. 679 more words

Ranting And Raving White Boy

u-bam-a Removes Cuba from Terrorist List

Propaganda and pandering.

Cuba is a rogue state.

Remember the cuban missile crisis.

The act of war that went unpunished.

u-bam-a:  the traitor that keeps on giving. 19 more words


u-bam-a Snubbed by Saudi Arabia


“Snubbed by Saudi Arabia, what can Obama salvage from Arab summit?

While (u-bam-a) hosting the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC), only three of the six GCC nations are sending heads of state.” 83 more words


u-bam-a's Lapdog to Meet With putt-putt

u-bam-a lapdog, kerry(another failure) to meet with putt-putt.

u-bam-a keeps propaganda machine going.

Telling voters he is trying to negotiate with Russia.

Nothing to negotiate. 53 more words