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To sell or not to sell grandma's tooth, that's the question

LAST year, I got into big trouble with my friend conservationist Paula Kahumbu.

Ahead of a big burn of elephant tusks in Kenya, I argued that it was time to explore market-based solutions to combat poaching. 387 more words

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POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Oil-Rich Middle East Nations Already Buy Athletic African Citizens - What Does That Have To Do With The Migrant Crisis In Europe?

AT the just ended World Athletics Championships in Beijing, I was again struck by the number of “former” Ethiopian, Nigerian, and Kenyan, athletes who now race for, especially, countries in the Middle East like Qatar. 777 more words

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Strange Encounters Of The Green City In The Sun: Humour And Honour Among The Corrupt

I GOT a call from one of my favourite cabbies in Nairobi a short while ago, wondering why I had’t given him business for some weeks. 370 more words

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