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POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Oil-Rich Middle East Nations Already Buy Athletic African Citizens - What Does That Have To Do With The Migrant Crisis In Europe?

AT the just ended World Athletics Championships in Beijing, I was again struck by the number of “former” Ethiopian, Nigerian, and Kenyan, athletes who now race for, especially, countries in the Middle East like Qatar. 777 more words

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Strange Encounters Of The Green City In The Sun: Humour And Honour Among The Corrupt

I GOT a call from one of my favourite cabbies in Nairobi a short while ago, wondering why I had’t given him business for some weeks. 370 more words

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Presidents Into Kings: We’ve Lost The Fight Against 3rd Terms In Africa, So Here Are Some Parting Sour Shots

AS presidential term limits collapse in the face of attacks by big men in Africa, a seemingly difficult question has taken root: Britain, Germany, Israel and other successful nations in Europe and Asia don’t have term limits. 1,264 more words

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Why Did Obama Not Arrest a ‘Bad-mannerred’ Schoolgirl, And How Can The Scots Get a Divorce Referendum Without a War?

AS Africans, we have every right to hold a grudge (even hate) the west: They colonised us and, worse, subjected Africans to the worst form of degradation and exploitation – slavery (though, of course, our chiefs were deeply complicit in this crime). 588 more words

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Why Do Soldiers And Rebels Shoot People's Legs Or Cut Off Their Feet In War? You Don’t Want To Know

ONE OF  THE  HORRIFIC  photographs of the recent ethnic slaughter in Bentui, capital of South Sudan’s Unity State, showed the bodies of four men lying near a mini van… 412 more words

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EDITOR'S PICK: Words, Pythagoras, The Lord's Prayer, 10 Commandments, And Selling Cabbages

Now this from Jim Daye surely sums up how “insane” regulations can be as well as anything you have read recently:

• Pythagoras’ Theorem–24 words. … 41 more words

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