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Rogue Telekinetic - Red Sports Car

The small red sports car darted from one lane to the next. With the top down the driver and passenger were visible. Their heads tossed back and laughter on their face. 722 more words


The Vagabond

I’m reading a rather ponderous book – The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

I came across reference of one, George, of Cappadocia. 276 more words

Overwatch APEX Season 1 Update

Rogue started their APEX season strong after winning APAC, taking the match from Flash Lux today with a 3-0 sweep in a best-of-five series. It’s still too early to tell, but I’m sure some eyebrows are being raised at a potential rematch with Team EnVyUs (2-0 on the season, with a 6-1 W/L round ratio) in the Grand Finals. 61 more words


10 Reasons Why it Rocks to Be a Rogue Publicist | ShoppingMoneyPR.com

10 Reasons Why it Rocks to Be a Rogue Publicist | ShoppingMoneyPR.com | I can help you out today. Contact me now if you want this! 6 more words

We Are Rogue

Use the concept of the Rogue to create a character. Start by doing a character sketch of all the stereotypical character traits. Then create your own rogue. 40 more words


Love Letters #27

A note slipped out of Emilia’s book while she was tidying out her dorm room.

My dear, 

Nothing is sweeter than your bright smile those cold mornings when I miss your arms around me. 924 more words