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Rant: About How My Favourite Superhero Was Put In The Corner

Ok so this is the second post in a row where it isn’t about books. But I guess you could say it technically KIND OF… 547 more words

Nissan Rogue SL full option

Nissan Rogue SL 2009 Keyless entry Push to start Sun-roof Leather seat aux, radio, cd Solid engine Solid body Full aircon Heaters Engine 2.4l

Fired EPA staffers form ‘rogue’ anti-Trump support group — Watts Up With That?

Extreme Greens,Government Run Amok,Media | From Free Range Report July 20, 2017 Following eight years under Obama, where there were few constraints on the fatuousness of their policies, or the damage caused by regulatory assaults on private property and individual rights, these little dictators are now looking for other thrones from which to elevate their […]

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Climate Matters

The Most Misunderstood Star Wars Movie Is Now on Netflix

(Source: www.gq.com)

Now you can give Rogue One the second viewing it deserves, in your own home.

It’s always a risky bet, venturing into the Apocrypha-style ancient lore of a made-up world. 667 more words


[Story] Story a Week 29 - Ship

[[ A story from Vellira’s privateer days, before she joined up with the rangers. ]]

“Vellira,” said Captain Redblade from the deck below. “I’ve a surprise for you when we return to port.” … 795 more words


Astonishing X-Men 1: Discussion

by Taylor Anderson & Patrick Ehlers

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

Taylor: About a month ago, the Golden State Warriors won the NBA  championship with ease. 1,379 more words

Patrick Ehlers

Chateau Moulin de Mallet 2015

Let me prefece by saying that this is one of my favorite Bordeaux. The 2009 I had was a little past its prime when I had it a couple of years ago. 231 more words