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Portland vacation - Day 1

The wife and I took off to PDX the weekend prior to the 4th.  We visited this great town 4 years ago.  Similar to last time, we decided to stay in the city center.   1,549 more words


The Weaponographist Review

The Weaponographist may look simple, but its design provides a fast-paced stream of non-stop action, where you’ll have to change your approach depending on what weapon you pick up.   1,448 more words



This is a thematic feat for the rogue class.  It fits in with the 1e Oriental Adventures description of a yakuza.  However, the original yakuza class is not different enough from the default rogue to really be its own archetype.   539 more words


[Story] Story a Week 29

[[ Prompt: A story opening with the words “F*** you!”

This was kind of tough, none of my characters curse very much! As this is part of the Brambles storyline, it also has that tag! 874 more words


A Few New Beer Releases to Look Out For

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Here’s a short list of some new beers that are here now and/or will be coming in soon (dates given are only estimates…shit happens so don’t hold me to them). 532 more words

New Beers

Rogue Pilot Christoph

Christoph is a member of Green Squadron,  a specialised division of A-Wing Class Fighter Interceptors. Stationed in Coruscant, he is considered one of the deadliest fighter pilots of the Rebel Alliance. 45 more words

Christoph Waltz

The Hot Mess of the Arcane Hybrid

Like so many lasagnas fresh from the oven strewn about the floor, the state of the arcane-martial hybrid in D&D 5e is a hot mess. I am sure this statement comes as a surprise to many people, but I firmly believe it to be the truth. 1,202 more words

Table Top