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[Story] Brewfest

Brewfest is my favorite time of year. It always makes me feel a little homesick for Ironforge, standing out in the snow surrounded by dwarves, eating cheese and sausage and drinking good ale for once. 546 more words


I Identified a Serial Rapist and Nobody Cared

On August 30, 2017 I published a blog post on an anonymous platform and promptly tweeted this blog post via my anonymous Twitter account (@CapoHiller)to Harvard Law School and Testmasters, among a few other entities. 991 more words

Harvard Law School

South Park trolled Amazon Echo owners in the best way possible

This is one of the minor perils of owning an Amazon Echo. Most everyone can activate the device by just saying the aftermath term, including Cartman. 106 more words


Rogue Ales Dead Guy Ale – isossa pullossa vaikka illanviettoon!

Hieman makeat ale-oluet toimivat myös erinomaisesti ruokajuomana, tasapainottaen ruuan suolaisuutta.

Rogue-panimon Dead Guy Ale on maltaisen hunajainen, moniulotteinen ale-olut, joka on isossa pullossa omiaan jaettuna vaikka mausteisten possuruokien tai hieman tulisen kanan kera. 28 more words

No more (startup) tears: Johnson & Johnson acquires Portland startup Sightbox

I’ve been talking to a lot of people lately about broadening the spectrum of Silicon Florist coverage. To cover more than just tech. Because there is all kinds of interesting stuff going on around here. 216 more words


Unlocking The Mystery Behind Mystique

When a comic character is adapted for film, they are often changed to fit the background of a movie. The X-Men franchise has done this for years, and one of the characters who has been altered the most is Mystique. 641 more words



In the name of God

Empty minded thugs weild swords

High on cannabis

The road is their battleground

Rage molest pillage and hound