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Top 6 Types of Rogue Security Software – The Merkle

In this day and age of online attacks, it becomes all the more important to protect one’s computer and other devices against the various threats. Criminals often try to bypass…


Box-Office Milestone: ‘Rogue One’ Crosses $1B Globally

7:33 AM PST 1/22/2017 by Pamela McClintock The stand-alone ‘Star Wars’ film achieved the victory on its 39th day in release and means Disney is home of all four 2016 movies that earned $1…

Rogue One

I’m late to the party. The film’s been out for about a month and the reviews have all flocked in. The hype has dissipated. People have stopped caring. 315 more words


Rouge Juan: A Star Wars Story Review

Now that would’ve been an awesome story!

Before anyone jumps the gun, I think that Rouge Juan is a better title than Rogue One. It might not have been as fitting (strict might there), but it has an air of romanticism and adventure that draws you in. 615 more words


WoW Fans Think Heroes of the Storm Picked The Wrong Rogue

(Source: kotaku.com)

Heroes of the Storm released its latest hero, Valeera Sanguinar from World of Warcraft, onto the PTR on the 17th. However, some fans of HotS and WoW alike are disappointed in the character choice. 503 more words


Vel's Milling & Evolve Deck Lists

Ever been interested in Hearthstone but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you love the game and are looking to get a leg up. Here are two great Decks by our very own Vel and his YouTube video showing how they work! 100 more words


Unearthed Arcana: Ranger and Rogue Analysis

This week the D&D Team provides three new Archetypes, two for the Ranger and one for the Rogue. 1,327 more words