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Lord of the rings online

One week vacations – going to visit Europe with group of friends, so – would be offline.

Meanwhile Vytautaz quested in Great River. 197 more words

Quests Revisited: The Redhorn Gate

Enjoy the continuation of Thomas N.’s “Quests Revisited” series, as he begins the Dwarrowdelf cycle! -Ian

Hello again Tales from the Cards community! I’m continuing my adventures progressing through quests using a restricted card pool in order to give strategy and suggestions. 1,662 more words

Encounter Card Set Review

Back to Middle Earth!

One year later the MMO itch has hit me hard again.  So this time I decided to go back to one of my old favorites Lord of the Rings Online.   162 more words

Middle Earth Adventures

climbing Lothlorien in Middle Earth

of For the Wednesday. afafternoon break of the Bayesian week at CIRM, a few of us enquired about the possibility of going climbing together and thanks to the good will of local Bayesian climbers ended effectively climbing on a nice type of rock with tiny finger holes! 118 more words

University Life

Not Idly Do the Leaves Of Lórien Fall

Our two days in Central Otago can both be split into two very differing halves. The first part was full of long distances covered on a state highway, whereas the second half contained one long activity. 1,376 more words

New Zealand