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Foreign Riders: The Elves of the Riddermark

It suddenly dawned on me the other day that I had several posts on this blog now, but none featuring my main character, Cielor ‘Cie’ Lored, the Lore-Master. 319 more words


Already Gone

Three years ago…

Nathan grasped Adeline’s arm as she walked out his front door. “So, that’s it then? He comes here and tells you to take off with him and you do?” Nathan stared at his best-friend with a hurt look taking over his features. 490 more words


Aragorn Reacts to Pelennor Fields Poll

Lately I’ve been catching up on all things Lotro, and stumbled upon this poll over at Lotro Players. Late to the party, I know – but this just blows my mind. 481 more words


From Regret to Forgiveness: A Second Chance (Part 4 of 4)

To have a perpetual child in the family is a heavenly gift not everyone can receive.  Regrettably, for me and my family, we mostly missed out on the miracle we were gifted with.  1,255 more words


Eowyn - Lord of The Rings

J. R. R. Tolkiens character from The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. She is a sheildwoman, and the neice of the King of Rohan. In this design I have taken elements from the LOTR films, including sword and sheild which both depict the Horses of Rohan. 57 more words


Rape Victims : Feminism or Gender Biased?

Is it always that rape has to be done to a women or a girl?
Aren't there any male victims to this obnoxious form of pleasure
which some people seem to have? 1,026 more words