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The Night of Talking Fire

Note: read the introduction and prologue before reading this story.


The Drinking Game

People piled into the Thundering Hoof, shoving themselves as close as possible to the hearth at the center of the hall. 1,442 more words

Introducing - Arianya

Arianya of Mirkwood

Arianya was born in Greenwood the Great in the beginning of the third age, only weeks apart from Imbrium. The 2 elfesses became great friends, and as children brought great life and laughter to the forest. 347 more words

Character Introduction

Book 1, Ch 10

Chapter Ten: Earth Bending

Miyuki and Xin were outside playing with Nozomi and Shui.

“So how’s training going with your dad?” Xin asked.


“Yeah. I’m one step closer to mastering earth bending.” 1,495 more words

Mad Max Fury Road: Best Summer Blockbuster Since "The Dark Knight"

What a lovely day indeed. I was excited when the Mad Max trailer hit the internet about an year ago but i had no clue this movie will be able to surpass even Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. 736 more words


The Night of Talking Fire

a translation by Ethan Baker

Written by Eldwyn (1) of Minas Tirith, also known as Karabzir (2) and Armeliaur (3)


Before John Reul and his team of archaeologists dug up the remains of Eldwyn’s… 1,087 more words

Top 9 Foreign Movies You MUST See!!

So much of good cinema being made all across the world that sometimes we miss out on some gems. So i have decided to write about some of the essential non-English and Hindi movies that you must not miss out on. 1,875 more words