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The Lost Queen

Please keep in mind that I wrote this when I was 15-17 and I really haven’t done any major edits or revisions since, except for a couple glaring discrepancies and things that I noticed as I was putting it up.  65,583 more words


Peru--April 2017

Just returned from an amazing trip to Peru, highlighted by a five day trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu– 45 kilometers, three nights in a tent, and incredible views. 704 more words


Vancouver Island, BC

First stop; Victoria, the capital of Vancouver Island. And the first stop of Prince William and Kate’s recent trip to Canada with their children George and Charlotte. 358 more words


Had to soak my feet

My feet were hurting so much after helping my dad deliver newspapers for 3 to 4 hours today that I had to soak my feet in warm salty water in order to make my feet ache less. 84 more words


035 - Tolkien Reading Day Special II

Happy Tolkien Reading Day!  On March 25 every year – the date of the fall of Barad-dûr – Tolkien lovers worldwide celebrate by reading the Professor’s works aloud. 203 more words


Log 1 (Species)

If I was from Middle-earth, I would be an Orc; but don’t worry, I would be retired, and I would spend my time reading.

But I’m pretty sure there is no such thing, so Instead I would be an Elf. 325 more words


Episode 064 - The Remedy

In which He-Man is essentially dispatched on an urgent mission to the chemist’s shop to buy some paracetemol for Man-at-Arms’ old mate.

Man-at-Arms’ former teacher Rohan is desperately ill with a mysterious disease, so Man-at-Arms, Teela and Adam pay him a visit. 860 more words