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The Scaled Rider

Hey all.

No excuses, it’s very late this time, and I apologise. But hopefully you’ll forgive me, especially when you see this! :D

I’m not gonna beat about the bush here; this is probably my favourite self-made cosmetic thus far, and definitely one I’m proud of, although I’m also not gonna lie to you all, it wasn’t originally my idea. 388 more words


Attempt to Burn Down the el-Aqsa Mosque

I have visited the Haram esh-Sharif (= Temple Mount) many times and know the rough outline of the attempt by the Australian Christian, Denis Michael Rohan, to burn down the… 307 more words

Places In Israel

Vintage and retro gear

I have been hiking and backpacking for a long time now. For my first week-long backpack trip I carried (or should that be lugged) 36lbs of gear over mountains in the Lake District during a very hot Summer. 263 more words


Book 2, chapter 12

Chapter Twelve: The Ambush part 3

Miyuki f. inished her drawing on the wall and took a step back to examine her work. The drawing was Aang in the avatar state. 1,825 more words

The Tale of Eldwyn


This story’s original name is Mín Reccung (1), but scholars have commonly called it The Tale of Eldwyn. Fortunately, archaeologists found this piece of literature in near pristine condition, which is very rare for such an old work. 2,611 more words