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Icelandic shoot for Rohan

Working with outdoor and travel clothing brand Rohan, Lucy Hallard took a trip to Iceland to style an inspiring shoot. With epic scenery and a cosy log cabin, Lucy created all-weather looks for epic expeditions. 8 more words


Eastern Rohan, Resolved

Lost here initially with Rohan, and then it dealt me Rohan again and I lost with them AGAIN. But on the third draw I got Mordor, and you know how I am with them. 142 more words


Unit Kill / Death Ratio

You’d think that the higher that number gets, the better a job you are doing at the game since technically you are killing more things of theirs than they are of yours. 208 more words



Well I’ve lost pretty badly here twice and I have no idea how to effectively counter. I’ve been thinking of getting those early pokes out there to fuck with that cave troll. 81 more words


Gildor's Counsel: Mounts of The Lobby

Okay, I have to admit something. For the past couple of weeks I have been toying around with Elfhelm deck possibilities. None of them have stuck with me. 1,000 more words

Hero Of The Month

Places We've Been - Voice of the Ringmaker

after a slightly longer pause than intended (I blame starting a new job), it’s time for the next installment in the Locations review.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should let you all know that The Ringmaker cycle is probably my least favourite so far – I never really liked the time mechanic, the Dunlendings felt thematically off, and it failed to deliver on early promise of finally fleshing out the Rohan trait. 1,300 more words


How Hrithik Roshan transformed to become Rohan in Kaabil, in cinemas on 25th January 2017

It’s well known that the business of cinema requires an actor to look his best on screen. And when you have been rated as one of the best looking guys in the world, it’s a given that you would make sure you look like a million bucks on screen as well. 194 more words

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