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Eating the Elephant

It is a fact that an elephant is a big animal. Its size is enough to discourage many very vicious carnivorous animals. So, we could say that elephant, even though is not at the top of the food chain, sits comfortably up there and does not fall prey to or have to out run the lion every day to stay alive. 322 more words


Making Wellness Work for You

I speak with business owners and managers, human resource directors, and benefits managers almost daily about their wellness programs or potential for them. It’s no secret that workplace health programs are on the rise in the United States and that they are helping increase productivity, employee morale and even lowering insurance premiums in some cases. 575 more words

NCAA Baseball Remains Big Business

Omaha, Nebraska isn’t the only place that profits from the NCAA baseball tournament.

Omaha, of course, the long-time host of the College World Series, sees the tournament as a major economic driver as well as a showcase for the area. 348 more words

Amateur Sport

Making Sense of the ROI for an MES

Many shop floors struggle to justify the cost of an MES, even as errors and inefficiencies that would be eliminated with a shop floor system drain profit and production from the company. 632 more words


Marketing does not deliver a good return on investment

The following is a reflective account for a debate which took place at Kingston University – Kingston Hill.

The Motion discussed: Marketing does not deliver a good return on investment. 1,280 more words

Contemporary Marketing

Part 1 - How to Choose Best Tools In the Industry to deliver software

I have been working in the space of DevOps (build/deployment/software delivery/automation) looking at delivering the software more efficiently from the customer user stories into the usable feature by customers. 662 more words


The Justification

Assuming the investment is in long distance shuttle travel, operated through a SACCO. Town service  from abroad has too many complications and opportunities to enrich others! 333 more words