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on net promoter and data golems

There are many variations on the Golem legend, but it usually goes something like this: a village is under frequent attack, so they make a superhuman creature out of clay and put it to work defending them. 97 more words


4 Facebook Ad Types Every Ecommerce Marketer Should Be Using

Facebook has recently announced their 2015 Q4 numbers, revealing 1.59 billion users per month. With that many monthly users, Facebook is the perfect channel for ecommerce marketers to communicate their products. 471 more words

Facebook Ads

Advertising ideas are "Non Working Spend" for marketers.

I honestly thought I’d seen it all until I woke this morning to an email from a company called Percolate who have published a “White Paper”. 325 more words


Building Marketing and Sales Capabilities to Beat the Market

Article by McKinsey & Company: Bart Delmulle a principal in McKinsey’s Antwerp office, Brett Grehan a director in the Sydney office and Vikas Sagar… 1,614 more words

Sales Process

Love and Money.

It’s funny how when you say those two words together, love and money, people conjure up many different things. It can be ideas of combining lives and finances, to those that only associate love with how much money someone has. 400 more words

OpenPro: An IBM Partner for 15+ Years

OpenPro ERP software has been a proud IBM parter for more than 15 years. We recently updated our listing in IBM’s Global Solutions Directory. 33 more words


One of the most compelling challenges for the companies/clients which enter in social media is to calculate the ROI. Most of the time the agencies are speechless to their clients and the clients to their CEOs. 681 more words

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