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Why is Virtualization creating Storage Sprawl?

Desktop and server virtualization have brought many benefits to the data center. These two initiatives have allowed IT to respond quickly to the needs of the organization while driving down IT costs, physical footprint requirements and energy demands. 1,480 more words


How to Find Budget for Content Marketing

Sometimes it can be difficult for companies to carve out sufficient budget to fund new content marketing programs. While overcoming this obstacle is often a tricky proposition, we can find this budget if we look in the right places. 500 more words


But what should CHANGE? Creating Real Objectives for Training

So many training professionals struggle with proving value and ROI… Even when they conduct amazing training programs! Why do we often find this to be such a challenge? 344 more words


Measuring ROI of Social Media for your Business

Many organizations spend hours on your social media outreach and have no idea if it’s successful. We’ve all been told that we need to be on social media so we eventually all say “OK.” Social can be a great business tool, but too often we get caught up in the likes, shares and comments that we forget it should have a positive ROI just like any other marketing tool. 754 more words

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When Marketing, Retro is the Way to Go

Modern marketing is a world of buzzwords: viral, hashtags, trending, meme, RSS, aggregators, podcasts, vlogs. Every week there’s a new trend, a new must and a new theory. 374 more words

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Is Summer YouTube's Strongest Season?

In the world of advertising, summer is the dead zone. American Horror Story is off the air, families are on vacay and the only fresh, quality programming can be found on your computer.  171 more words

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Direct Mail Monster: A Case Study in Analytical Thinking

It was a project that everyone had reservations about taking on. It was so large, so complicated; it had so many stakeholders, so many processes, so many unanswered questions, and so many last-minute decisions. 1,687 more words