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Why Occupancy Certificate is important

Owning a house is the zenith of years of investment funds,
research, and paperwork. After quietly sitting tight for the
development to be finished, you at long last enroll the property… 447 more words

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Why Data Management is Failing

Data management companies are struggling to gain adoption. These companies offer to save customers money by moving data to the most appropriate tier of storage based on current needs. 673 more words


Diversity is the best asset to literally diversify your portfolio

Would you put all your retirement savings into bitcoin? Would you put all your advertising budget into TV ads? Would pick all quarterbacks for your fantasy-football team? 1,131 more words

Investing in Real estate or stock Market ? which can yield give good returns.

here is an uncanny similarity between the stock market and the real estate market today. Though the overall equity market is looking weak, there are several stocks worth investing right now. 608 more words

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By Hans Ebert
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Sometimes things happen for a reason- not often, but when they’re special things that reset your thinking and help bring about some form of clarity, it’s no doubt coming from some higher power without tripping over that unforgiving ninth step. 723 more words

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How Search Engine Marketing Strategy Drove Results for Online Jewellery Startup ?

Hello Friends,

Greetings !

Today, I will  share a case study of online jewellery startup which was New in Market & How they drove results with help of Search Engine Marketing / PPC Campaigns with support of our Partner Agency… 517 more words

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‘The more impactful you are, the better your return is’, says UBS chair | World Economic Forum

Axel Weber explains how impact investing is low risk, in comparison to the risks seen in markets.

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