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An Investment With an Opportunity for Growth

The world is constantly growing. More people are buying homes, cities are growing larger, and even vacant lots are going to have value. Many people have found that investing in property is a good way to see their money grow. 378 more words


6 Tips to Speed Up the Sale of Your Home

From proper phrasing to curb appeal, each detail you put into your listing impacts how quickly your house will sell. The buyer market is currently transitioning to appeal to the millennial generation, who will be ready to purchase homes in 2018. 318 more words

Honey, I shrunk the costs !

Since ever we have started ITSM consulting, we must’ve shared umpteen times how important, useful and process oriented all its modules are; with our customers. Since we implement it day in and day out, we leverage the best practices and try to identify the customer trends on tool usage. 293 more words


Today’s topic is doors…not the popular 60’s band, I am talking about actual doors. They impact our lives in so many ways, not only are they instrumental in keeping the elements out of your house ( and some may consider the act of slamming them therapeutic! 284 more words

Living In Guelph

The Truth about Cost Comparisons

It has been said that great design isn’t expensive. It’s priceless.

When homeowners consider a major renovation, they will often request proposals from 3-4 companies for design services.   173 more words

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Meet Millennials’ Expectations With 3D Virtual Technologies

The new study “What Millennials Want in Meetings” by Meetings Mean Business and Skift highlights the necessity for the event industry to realize what the real needs and expectations of Millennials are. 500 more words


Hard Work Leads To Good Results

A few months ago I wrote a blog titled Great Team Make-up about being an assistant coach for my oldest son’s youth football team. I take pride in the opportunity to work with young kids in teaching them the value of teamwork and showing them when you work hard, the results will speak for themselves. 562 more words