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By Hook or By Crook

….But certainly mostly by hook.

Developing the hook to get drive users to the app was the central focus of my business and marketing plan. Because the target market is on the broad side, I decided to use an additional form of media with a broad-ish appeal to rope them in. 441 more words

Big Chief StoryTeller

Farewell Marketing VP, hello Chief Storyteller?

Certainly looks like a trend to me given the rush by some big and even small companies-often with some techie or Silicon Valley cred-to hire people they’re calling ‘storytellers’. 326 more words

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One Simple Way To Increase Adwords Conversion Rate, While Lowering Cost 

PPC (or pay per click) advertising is a vital key for the online marketing of any business during the SEO strategy planning or to supplement during times of low volume months. 322 more words


Proving our worth: return on investment

We hope you’ve been enjoying this discussion topic about how we articulate and prove the worth of our libraries. Today we’re going to look at a method from across the business world. 660 more words

Discussion Topics

The Importance of Search in the Digital Marketing Mix

Guest Blog: Paul  Goldston, Head of ROI – Reload Media

When it comes to having a license to print money, it’s pretty evident that Google are right up there with the best of them.  468 more words

ROI - BIM manager

If you are interested what the ROI for CGS Revit Tools, here is a part of it for set of tools in BIM manager… 28 more words

Marketing Commute: Inbound and Outbound Traffic

It is now a given that every Freelance consultant and business owner will develop an inbound marketing strategy that will support sales and diminish the need for cold calling, which is getting increasingly difficult to do successfully in the face of the wall that prospects are able to build around themselves. 646 more words