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How to Earn the Highest Return on Investment from Education

It was always her goal to go to college.  But her parents just could not afford to send her.  They were simple farmers, who hardly can eat meat on regular days.   688 more words



O assunto que hoje quero abordar é o tão famoso ROI (Return on Investment).

Depois de tantas horas de jogo, de saber que a nossa edge é tão pequena no Poker, decidi fazer alguns testes e calcular os resultados esperados em jogos do tipo SNG. 218 more words


Marketing in the Social Media Age

I have to admit that until the last year or so I did not realize how extremely effective social media can be as a marketing medium. 269 more words

Write a business plan template

Do you have a great idea for an expedition of adventure, or want to develop the tourist attraction of the area? It’s usually not enough to simply talk about your ideas; if you want to get financing or management approval, which mostly has to describe his vision in writing. 7 more words

Business Planning

Business - Doing Business in the Bathroom

In recent times people have been talking about bathrooms in public places. People with specific equipment belong in specific bathrooms or people with different thoughts of self belong in specific bathrooms. 322 more words


Are you value for money?

How do you know whether the various bits and pieces that you do are good value for money? Are you focusing your time on the right work? 44 more words