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Energy return of ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico oil and gas | Peak Energy & Resources, Climate Change, and the Preservation of Knowledge

Numerous studies have shown royalties paid to the government for GoM offshore production are among the lowest rates paid to any fiscal system in the world .

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6 Tips for Forecasting an ROI for MES

Assessing the potential ROI for an MES is difficult, but you can improve results by recognizing risk factors that will negatively impact the overall return. 498 more words


How to improve the ROI on your marketing expenditures

Try to eliminate marketing expenditures, which reach non-buyers.

A huge percentage of your marketing expenses reach people who will never buy your merchandise or services. ¬†While you may be able to ignore that fact, if your profit margins are high enough, you’ll do better if you know how to avoid spending marketing dollars sending your message to people who are not interested or have rejected your products. 43 more words

Direct Commerce

In the Best Sales Teams, About Half of the People Are in Support Roles

(Source: hbr.org)

Sales reps are most effective when they have the right amount of support staff, but exactly how much support staff does a company need, and how should it be structured? 964 more words


What is web analytics, and does it all matter?

This article will give business owners the fundamental understanding of what is web analytics.

A lot of business owners are faced with the challenge of making sense of… 363 more words


DevOps for IT Pros: The Key to Addressing Bi-Modal IT

DevOps can deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) for those environments choosing to invest in it. Environments adopting a DevOps mentality move from merely supporting operations to truly enabling better, more efficient operations. 1,220 more words


The matrix of marketing metrics

What is the need to evaluate the performance of marketing?

Being a fortune company, one would definitely  like to keep an eye on the performance of marketing activities implemented towards achieving business goals. 658 more words

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