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Mayuri puppets Kensei and Rojuro! Giselle Defeated - Bleach 596

Bleach 596 see’s the arrival of Rojuro and Kensei to help Byakuya defeat Pepe, while Mayuri arrives to explain that they’re dead and now his puppets, including Rangiku and Toshiro. 591 more words

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Byakuya vs Pepe! Kensei and Rose Arrive - Bleach 595

Bleach 595 begins as Pepe goes on ahead to fight Byakuya using Hisagi to defeat him, however he’s injured when Pepe uses his God’s Love to transform into Cupid! 680 more words

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Mayuri faces Kensei, Rose and Rangiku! Pepe's Love - Bleach 594

Bleach 594 see’s Mayuri further experimenting on Toshiro as he is once again injected with something while at the same time Kensei, Rose and Rangiku show up as zombies to fight him. 544 more words

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