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Drilling a little deeper down

Exploring the cord-cutting experience a little more:

The Sling Channel…a caveat. Your seven-day trial starts the moment you open it. Explore online first. I got a surprise 39.98 charge today. 323 more words


Gravity's new look!

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The new and notable category is useless

Is it just me or is it so hard to find new and/or interesting channels on Roku. The new and notable menu is spammed with Disney, buzz feed and Rokus own channel. 38 more words


It’s time for cord cutters to embrace the smart TV | TechHive

I would agree with the idea behind this article very strongly- there are enough good smart TVs out on the market now that you don’t have to get a dedicated streaming media box. 133 more words



I’ve joined the Roku generation, as of last Tuesday. A week of discovering and winnowing down, much like the first week of being on the net back in the mid-to-late 90s. 432 more words


ROKU Trending Tweets | Church Signs | Honk Don't Text

I faithfully watch Twitter everyday on ROKU with their Daily Trending Tweets. They alter as the day & night goes by . I decided to create my own impromptu postings of one’s I find trendingly outstanding. 49 more words