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What Our Fascination with Disaster Movies Says About Us

I was very honoured to be asked by the good folks at Movie Pilot to contribute to one of their excellent fanzines.

This one was about disaster movies, and I submitted a piece discussing what our ongoing fascination with the genre says about us as a species. 35 more words


Indepence Day: Resurgence

I liked the elderly boat mensch adopts alotta orphans subplot. I thought Brent Spiner’s husband was Mandy Patinkin the whole movie and was really excited about that. 128 more words

Movies: Stargate

You read the title correctly, dear Reader, this is, indeed, a review of a movie that came out 22 years ago. (And tomorrow I plan to post a review of a movie from… 3,365 more words


At the Movies 2016: Independence Day - Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence
USA 2016
Written by Nicolas Wright, James A. Woods, Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich & James Vanderbilt
Directed by Roland Emmerich
Watched on 16.07.2016… 752 more words

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Independence Day Resurgence: Movie Review

Think about how many things could go wrong in a movie. Now, think of all this happening and collapsing above your head. This is precisely what happened to the sequel of the 1996 classic even after 20 years of planning. 792 more words


The Thirteenth Floor (1999, Josef Rusnak)

It’d be hard to call The Thirteenth Floor a missed opportunity because that statement suggests there was some promise to it. There’s no promise anywhere near… 435 more words