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Flashback Review: Godzilla (1998)

Fresh from the success of Independence Day, filmmaker Roland Emmerich, (also known for creating the Stargate franchise) was selected as a suitable candidate to direct an American remake of a Japanese film from 1954 called “Godzilla.” A giant dinosaur like monster who wrecks havoc in Tokyo. 1,039 more words


The Patriot (2000) izle

The Patriot (2000) izle
Duygusal anlamda yoğun ve hareketli bir film olan Vatansever’in kahramanı, Mel Gibson’un canlandırdığı Benjamin Martin karakteri. Savaşmaya pek de hevesli olmayan bir kahraman Benjamin Martin: Fakat çarpışmalar çiftliğinin sınırına dayanıp da İngilizler Benjamin’in değer verdiği insanları tehdit etmeye başlayınca, kendini Amerikan Devrimi’nin içinde buluveriyor. 19 more words


My Hopes for Stargate: Origins, an Editorial

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

The news arrived a few weeks ago during San Diego Comic-con (SDCC) about a prequel series for the Stargate franchise… 621 more words

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Books to Film: 'Dark Matter' book review

I just finished this book called Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, and it is mind-blowing. I’ll avoid spoilers, so you can enjoy it yourself, but basically, it’s a story of a college physics professor who gets abducted one night, taken to an abandoned location and drugged. 614 more words

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July 12 Trivia Rankings

Thanks to all the Quizlings who braved a sweltering summer evening to play the Triangle’s Best Trivia™! Yep, it was a toughie but that sorta thing builds character. 184 more words

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"Moon 44"

Moon 44 (Kinowelt Home Entertainment, 1990)

Moon 44 was a German science fiction action film. Set on a futuristic mining site on an unspecified moon, convicts and teenage technicians are partnered together. 62 more words


Throwback Thursday-10,000 BC (2008)

When tragedy strikes us, we have two choices: fight or die.

In the 2008 film, 10,000 BC, D’leh (Steven Strait) is a member of a prehistoric tribe. 89 more words