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Independence Day: Resurgence Review

So I watched Independence Day: Resurgence…

2016 hasn’t been a great year for me in terms of regular visits to the cinema – I’ve definitely missed out on watching more movies than any year before. 905 more words

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Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

As the follow-up to what might well be the ruler of all alien invasion films, Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day: Resurgence has a lot stacked against it. 584 more words


Centropolis Grabs 'Scarletville' Spec From First-Timer Jason Young

EXCLUSIVE: Proving yet again that the Black List has become a hotbed for writers looking to sell their scripts, Roland Emmerich’s Centropolis Entertainment just scooped up the spec… 156 more words

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'Stargate' Reboot Isn't Happening Anymore

A few years ago, Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, writers of the original 1994 sci-fi hit Stargate revealed they would be partnering to return  453 more words


The New Stargate Movies Are Most likely Not Occurring

Picture: Lionsgate
As a follower of the StargateTELEVISION world, which the recommended brand-new Stargatemotion pictures were most definitely mosting likely to eliminate from canon, I’& rsquo; m all right with this. 22 more words

20 years of change in this huge 'Independence Day: Resurgence' infographic!

Twenty years have passed, far too quickly, since Roland Emmerich‘s epic Independence Day and so with the follow-up to that worldwide hit, Independence Day: Resurgence… 118 more words

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Conspiracies, history and myth collide in Neil Enock's Mayan, Atlantis Returns

Unlike Neil Enock, the Mayans never made it to Los Cabos.

This little snippet of ancient history comes courtesy of the author, something he likely confirmed while doing extensive research for his new book, Mayan, Atlantis Returns. 564 more words