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What’s Worse Than Reviews For Stonewall? Its Weekend Box Office Gross

It’s not a good time to be Roland Emmerich. Following controversy and threats of a boycott over the decision to focus on the plight of a fictional blond white protagonist as the hero of… 175 more words


'Stonewall's' Unpleasant Depictions of Gay Sex Reveal Everything That's Wrong With the Film

Given that we’re discussing Roland Emmerich’s tepid, sexless, and white-revisionist Stonewall, it’s probably best to be crass. 1,283 more words


Stonewalled - the LGBT serpent eats its own tail?

A shorter, less mean and funny, version of this was published yesterday at Breitbart.

Roland Emmerich

About a third of the way through Roland Emmerich’s moving, kind of brilliant movie Stonewall, which opened this weekend, a police detective investigating mob control of gay bars and human trafficking of underage teens, one of whom has turned up dead, asks a recalcitrant witness refusing to identify a killer, “What is it with you gays?  1,275 more words


"Stonewall" crumbles at the box office, earning only $871 per screen opening weekend

Requiem for gay white heroes?
by Larry Murray

The battle for equality has been in the forefront of politics for some time now, and with the release of the Roland Emmerich film… 1,052 more words


"Straight-Acting" Lead Aside, Nobody Wanted to See 'Stonewall'

Since its trailer was unveiled a few weeks back, the new drama Stonewall has met with quite a bit of resistance, and not only because it finds the director of… 383 more words


The Anarchist's Song

August and September burnt fast, hard days and short nights. If nothing else, I put a decent dent in the world’s whiskey supply. It’s been a rough few weeks, but not without something to show for it. 990 more words


1969.  For many, the sexual revolution was in full swing, while the government worked to repress minorities. With the repression came misunderstanding, affecting everyday families and people.   357 more words

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