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Anonymous (2011)

A secretive Elizabethan nobleman who wishes to stage his plays in order to politically influence the common people finds a willing stooge to put his name to them and preserve his identity; a man by the name of William Shakespeare. 156 more words


Roland Emmerich Dives Into Virtual Reality With VRenetic

Independence Day filmmaker Roland Emmerich and entrepreneur and producer Marco Weber are diving deep into virtual reality by launching the virtual reality company VRenetic, which will specialize in “accessible, social-media enabled 360-degree streaming.” The company is privately held and headquartered in West Hollywood and Emmerich is its chairman and co-founder. 332 more words

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Roland Emmerich, Marco Weber Launch Social VR Company VRenetic

“Independence Day” director Roland Emmerich and “Igby Goes Down” producer Marco Weber are getting ready to launch their first virtual reality (VR) project together, and it won’t look anything like their movies — or anyone’s movie, for that matter. 252 more words


From the Start of the Film Business, Some of the Most Enduring Images Have Been Captured by ARRI Cameras

Looking back at the great films of the past, it’s staggering to discover how many of them have been lensed with ARRI cameras.

Stanley Kubrick, a director who made great demands on his crew and on technology, was a big fan of the equipment. 760 more words


Lionsgate Acquires U.S. Rights To Roland Emmerich-Directed WWII Pic 'Midway' - Toronto

EXCLUSIVE: Lionsgate just made a splashy acquisition here at the Toronto Film Festival, landing U.S. distribution rights to Midway, the Roland Emmerich-directed drama about the seminal WWII battle that is a co-production between The Mark Gordon Company and Emmerich’s Centropolis Entertainment. 284 more words

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Six directors who should NOT take over on Star Wars Episode IX

After yesterday’s surprising (but not entirely unexpected) announcement that Colin Trevorrow and Disney/Lucasfilm were parting ways, Star Wars Episode IX is currently without a director. It’s only been a matter of hours since the announcement, but there’s already been plenty of speculation across the web on who should and will take over the final entry in the modern… 380 more words


Flashback Review: Godzilla (1998)

Fresh from the success of Independence Day, filmmaker Roland Emmerich, (also known for creating the Stargate franchise) was selected as a suitable candidate to direct an American remake of a Japanese film from 1954 called “Godzilla.” A giant dinosaur like monster who wrecks havoc in Tokyo. 1,039 more words