Tennis: The Next Generation

A thought occurred to me after Stanislas Wawrinkla upset Novak Djokovic to win the French Open as few months back. It’s something which has been on the back of my mind for the last two years, but I just refused to address it up I talked… 1,001 more words

Casual Sports Commentries

Magnus Norman on French Open feelings & a coach's most important job

Interview with Magnus Norman by Sebastian Güstafsson for SweTennis.

A week has gone by since Stan Wawrinka hit the winning point and won the French Open.  435 more words


The Paris Party

2015 is for myself and many of my closest friends a very big year 😊 Why? Because we’re all turning 30! There are so many cliches around turning 30 and it is quite fascinating to observe different individuals’ responses – some brush it off and say it’s not a big deal, some have an absolute meltdown and lament over everything they could have and should have achieved by now – both in work and relationships – and others wholeheartedly embrace it and throw the biggest party ever! 962 more words

Paris Summer 2016 Events: Football (Soccer), Cycling, Tennis, Running

Each summer in Paris brings out some of the best world-class sporting events.  In 2016, there’s even more for sports fans and travelers to take in. 745 more words


Serena's vulnerability is what makes her great to us

WHEN we look at the sports stars we truly admire, what is it we look for? Success? Of course. Humility? Ideally. What about a bit of vulnerability? 642 more words


Wimbledonski ostanki

Nikoli se nisem smatral za preveč vzornega človeka. Še zdaj se vsake toliko raje ukvarjam z nepomembni stvarmi, katerih vsota dostikrat ne presega koristnih vrednosti. Ko se globoko zazrem vase, vidim nervozen karakter, vzkipljiv ob vsaki mali nevšečnosti. 1,345 more words

Roland Garros

Sampras, Edberg, & Becker on their Struggles at the French Open

This is a fun video, but I am guessing some of the more technical tennis talk ended up on the cutting room floor. The raw footage might be more insightful.

French Open